Half an hour passed and this meeting was becoming more and more awkward, I was so uncomfortable, wondering what the hell I’m doing here, could things get any worse?

The answer to my thoughts is then revealed through a very tough question:

“And what are your accomplishments? Tell me what you achieved, who are you in this world?”

I was silent for some time; it was some tough question asked in a very rude way by this person who was sitting haughtily with a cigar in their hand, wearing branded clothes, placing the newest smartphone on the table, with a caustic and sarcastic expression, and harsh look in their eyes.

Albeit I was being attacked and belittled, and consequently I felt a bit discouraged and intimated, I decided to just answer the question.

I don’t know what are your standards for achievements and human values and accomplishments, but I will tell you anyway what I did with my life, with my low profile and trivial life.

I changed some people’s lives for the best, I literally saved many lives because I refused to give up and let them go.

Some people are happier because of me, some have a future and freedom, and others have careers and families.

Furthermore, some died peacefully because I kept the pillow under their heads, and others died happy after knowing that love does exist and is not a myth or a lie.

I fought lost battles, I fell many times, I crawled when needed, I lost everything, I started over many times, and I was brave enough to continue the journey when all I wanted is to die.

Despite, I worked hard and I could afford many luxurious items, the latest devices, or technology, I could even travel more, visit luxurious restaurants, buy branded clothes, etc.… but instead, I decided to help others have a decent life, pay off their debts, have an education, or change their life for the best in any way.

I lived simply so that many can simply live.

Clearly, I am not a CEO or a General Manager, I don’t own a business or a company, I’m not a superstar or celebrity, I’m not rich or powerful,

I’m not all the above, I don’t have accomplishments that fit these standards.

But maybe I am not supposed to be all this, I don’t have to be anything at all,

Maybe I’m just a bridge, a lantern, a lifeline, and for me, it is as bigger as any other accomplishment.
Whereas for you I am “nobody”, for many, I am “the world”.

Nevertheless, who decides the importance and the value of people?

Are these world standards enough? Then why are we screwed up and we are leaving this world so much worse and bitter than we found it?

Why our last words before dying are almost the same: I wish I spent more time with the people I love, I wish I did the things I love, I wish I didn’t spend my entire life working and making a fortune…I wish I was a loving human being! I wish I was true to myself, I wish I didn’t hurt people.

However, have you checked any cemetery or a coffin? Have you found any mobile phone, money, prizes or clothes?

We all leave naked and we take nothing with us.

Being successful and rich and powerful is not bad if it makes you happy but being the source of happiness and support and love is equally important!

Additionally, being a simple person but devoted to the people you love is a great accomplishment.
You don’t need to be a king or a CEO to make a difference. You can do it from your humble place and in your small society and circle.

The janitor that endures people’s cruelty and life’s cruelty to give his/her children a decent life is a hero, and the mother that cleans the school toilets so her kids can have an education is a superstar! While the corrupted politicians and the bad rulers are piles of garbage for example even if they have billions and wear branded clothes and smoke only Cuban cigars!

Consequently, the standards you referred to and hinted at are pathetic, our importance as human beings is not compromised, and values and devotion don’t require titles and fortune. You can be an inventor, CEO, GM, or millionaire but yet you fail to make even one person happier, you fail to make yourself happy.

When you open your apple phone, do you think of Steve Jobs? I don’t think so; the man was very successful but had little joy in his life as he said before dying:

“I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success.
However, aside from work, I have little joy. In the end, wealth is only a fact of life that I am accustomed to.”

Therefore, the people carrying the latest apple phone don’t care who invented them. But these same people will never forget a kind smile, a lending hand, love, and devotion.
They will never forget the light that showed up through their darkest night. Believe me, they won’t think about Edison or Tesla.

Not denying their importance or any talented person’s importance, but you can be valuable from any position in your life.

Moreover, my message to people: you are all stars, you are all heroes as long as you are doing what you can, as long you are not harming and hating, as long as you kept moving forward despite all the obstacles, you are important, you are a major part of this world!

You are still important even when you stumble, fall, or give up.

Never forget this, keep moving forward and keep shining, don’t let anyone compromise your value, achievements, and importance.

When someone asks you ironically “Who are you in this world” just answer that “as a human being, I am a pillar of this world”, and to some people, “I am the world”.