Whatever you do in life, whether you learn something new every year, you have BA, master’s degree, many certificates, and high-level education,

Whether you buy new stuff, branded clothes, hi-tech electronics, a new car, etc.., whether you are super smart and beautiful, rich, famous and very popular, you will find out that someone else already has what you have, bought the same things you bought, someone is better than you, more famous, popular, rich or maybe just like you.

When surfing the net or checking the news, you will discover that someone has invented things you thought about, opened businesses you wanted to have, and created the app you were constantly thinking about.

Furthermore, you look around, you witness that there is an abundance of everything, too much competition, too much information, and too many things! You feel that your ideas or feelings are outdated, you are so left behind, many have been there, and did what you wanted to do.

There is too much of everything, except kindness!

Kindness is so few, being kind and nice will always be creative, will always be original, and it’s never outdated, contrarily, it is extremely needed in our modern world!

Kindness is powerful!

The more we are progressing in everything, in technology, inventions, smart devices, economy, etc.…More kindness is needed because we are simply losing it day after day.

We are progressing in technology and deteriorating in humanity and compassion.
The devices are all smarter, but our connections are extremely weaker and fragile.

The real power lies in kindness.
There is power in Kindness

Let me tell you that nowadays when you hold the elevator door to someone, they will almost fall for you! I know you might think it’s a joke, but one year ago I held the elevator door to a man that was holding many things, and the next day I was surprised that he was asking around for me and wanted to meet me because he thought I am too kind.
Maybe you will say that he is lonely or he just liked me or many other things, but in all cases,
never underestimate the power of kindness.
People crave kindness, they thrive on it. Kindness is extremely powerful.

Lend someone a hand, smile at a stranger, and ask this old lady if she needs help. Plan to dedicate some time for voluntary work, feed this stray dog or cat, hold the door to someone but keep your expectations low, don’t do it for a marriage proposal 😁

There are infinite small things you can do and they cost you nothing, yet they are extremely powerful.

Moreover, you can buy from this small business or this street-seller, it will not cost you a lot but it will mean a lot to them! They might be able to feed their family because of you.

Street Seller
A man holding a sign: Volunteers Needed

Consequently, just be kind and expect nothing in return.

Most importantly, never become a part of any kind of bullying!
Respect people as they are, you don’t have to love them, but you are obliged to respect them.
Bullies are awful, don’t you ever forget this.

Stop bullying me I'm a person

When I go back in time and remember all the people I met in my life, and I ask myself why these people never forget about me despite the distance and time, I find only one reason: I was kind!

Therefore, they didn’t care if I was brilliant, and I wasn’t rich or famous, I had nothing to give materially, but I was kind!

Unfortunately, this is something I gradually lost as years passed by, I have become more rigid and intimidating because I couldn’t handle the heavy burden of being alone in a world full of hatred, hypocrisy, and fake people.
I was standing alone and I felt a huge responsibility and a lot of pressure! I wasn’t that strong so I just fell apart, the storm I caused was huge, it scared everyone around me and pushed them away and only a few have the guts to get close to me since, the few that could see through me and could discover my real nature.

Give Kindness Today & Everyday

Even though these people were enough for me, sometimes when I sit alone, I miss the old nice me, I miss the kind person that was simply kind without expectations or limitations, the sweet person that didn’t care what people might think or might take advantage of, and these people couldn’t forget me! Like ever.

Undoubtedly, I changed many lives by just being kind, it wasn’t easy, but I let go of all the judgment, expectations, and even misuse and exploitation of some people. I just let go because I am aware that only by forgiving and letting go, you can change and improve people’s lives even if you are not a part of it. And this is the hardest part.

I wasn’t a doormat or weak, I have just chosen forgiveness when people have chosen hurt or exploitation as a response to kindness, it was so easy to hurt back, to destroy, but I decided otherwise.

I was aware that it was about them, it was their choice, there was nothing more I could do, nothing to save.

I simply left them to live a happy and improved life on their own. My role was over.

“Be kind and expect nothing in return” is simply life in seven words, but it will take you a lifetime to realize that!

To discover how powerful kindness is, and unfortunately, many people never do.

Kindness is Powerful, be kind and expect nothing in return