2018 Resolutions and Lessons!

2018 is over; It was mostly and generally a dull year full of disappointments, sad events, loss of great people and economic crisis that led many to lose their jobs and a certain level of living. Despite, we always learn and improve: Personally, I was convinced that exercise and workout should be a habit, a life style and so it was. I lost 34 pounds and maintaining my weight perfectly. I learned to enjoy my own company and to embrace quality time with myself. I was convinced that some people have a short role in your life, some have only one scene, some just pass by in the background of your life events…when you know that, you just let go and it’s not nonchalance or rudeness, it’s just accepting the facts and moving on. I was convinced that marriage is the worst institution ever and society is so fucked up struggling to maintain a fake image and many innocent creatures are paying a huge price. I was sad to realize that the woman in my country is not respected as they are claiming especially as a mother and partner; even her children won’t stand for her when she needs them, those children that she gave them her all and her life… I witnessed how Lebanese society is retarded, judgmental and racist apart from a small percentage of very well educated and respectful people that are lost among these garbage and […]

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