We live our lives hoping that a day will come and we will no longer feel pain,
We will find happiness, and love, we will no longer cry silently,

We will have our happy ending and for once, everything will be perfect and finally, we will experience serenity.

But the thing is that we remain unhappy but we don’t talk about it anymore,

We feel pain but nobody knows,
We hide our feelings perfectly and we restrain our emotions, our anger, and all kind of feelings:
heartache, jealousy, pain in the chest, agony, disappointment, rejection, loneliness, confusion, feeling of helplessness, emptiness, uselessness, vulnerability, and misery…

We continue to experience some or all of this but we make sure nobody knows, we keep it a secret,

This is the only thing that changes!

We bury everything deep down inside, we smile and pretend we reached our happy ending.

Published date: September 19, 2022