One day you will be the less fortunate in the room,

Whether you or one of your dearest people.

You will be the weakest among the stronger

The poorest among the wealthier

The oldest among younger people

One day, you will be the one mocked, excluded, and fought

You will be the black sheep, the most hated in the room

One day you will be the one belittled and manipulated

You will be the one played and dumped

One day you will be persecuted for just being you, for speaking up

One day you will be the one vulnerable and defenseless

One day you will be the one losing

The one underestimated and not appreciated,

One day you will be the one bullied,

The one ignored, neglected, and hurt

One day you will be the one grieving and suffering

One day you will be the one harshly judged,

Exiled, and maybe tortured

You will be the one lonely, depressed, and maybe having suicidal thoughts.

You will be called the weirdest because no one is willing to understand you or even try to

When that day comes, imagine the audience and surroundings are similar to your current version.
Are you smiling?
I don’t think so.

Now you might feel invincible, you have nothing to lose, thinking constantly “I will never be them” “I’m different” “I’m smarter” “I’m stronger”,

But when that day comes, when you or your loved ones are literally “them”,

You will pray for decent human beings, for people who don’t resemble you in any way,

For people who speak up and fight against injustice and bias,

People who will choose to stand out from the crowd

To stand up for what is right, for humanity, compassion, and dignity even if they will stand alone.

And these people are so far from your current version!

Therefore, think about that day, think about your feelings during these tough moments, and tell me which person you want to see. Which person do you want your loved ones to see?
Afterward, I want you to look into the mirror now, look closely and deeply, and tell me which person you see.

Consequently, it’s up to you to decide which person the people will see on their worst day.

In turn, this will affect whom you will see when your worst day will eventually come.

Thank you for reading. Please share your thoughts regarding this matter, tell me which audience you often experienced and which audience you were often?