I used to observe people who were born in respectful civilized countries, where applicable laws rule over, where there is no war and conflict, people who are living in a healthy environment, having their basic rights and respect and education and more,

Particularly, I used to observe them and wonder why would they would be unhappy or miserable? What kind of problems they might have? Moreover, are they important problems?

The reason why I had these thoughts, it’s because in my country, every time I walk in the streets, I feel stressed and unhappy, I see and smell the uncollected garbage everywhere,

Whenever I drive my car, I lose my mind and many times so nearly my life!

Moreover, I’m struggling for my basic rights and I have none! We still struggle to have electricity, water, safe roads, acceptable wages and particularly safety and security.

Additionally, many of the rights that these countries have and apply are still “taboos” here and you can be excluded and even punished for just mentioning them.

The beauty of SwitzerlandPost: Important Vs. Trivial Problems
Garbage in Beirut streetsPost: Important Vs. Trivial Problems

Afterward, and after questioning all this, I slow down and I ponder for some time.

Albeit, conflicted feelings and emotions strike me about this matter, I take my time to reflect and suddenly I realize how wrong I am by adopting this approach.


Simply because these people don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! They are clueless.

Specifically, when you have something, you cannot imagine what it’s like to not have it unless you lost it at some point, or you lost some benefits you had and without any bad intentions, you just took them for granted. Probably by then, these people can understand this approach.

Otherwise, they just oblivious to what it’s like to have a different life and different circumstances.

Therefore, it’s useless to think that this person is so lucky, they have family, they have money, they are healthy, beautiful, how they can’t consequentially see how lucky they are especially that the world is full of unlucky people suffering on daily basis and having important problems.

Most importantly it’s useless to ask how they can even call the trivial issues they have: problems?

Precisely, a beautiful girl, rich and loved by her family will never understand what it’s like to be not so pretty, or poor, or not well surrounded or loved, it’s the only reality she knows, until something happens and her reality changes or collapse, then it’s whether she begins to understand or she just falls apart for good.

A young boy that lives in a peaceful country that never faced war and conflict will never understand how it’s like living in a country like Syria or Lebanon.

Rich woman making shopping
Poor family in a poor place


But most importantly, these people can still be unhappy and depressed for other reasons, maybe they will look trivial to us but for them they are as big as our problems and maybe worse because these are the only problems they know!

Furthermore, yes, they can have anxiety, suicidal thoughts, they can be miserable as well for reasons you might think they are not important, but for them they are the only reasons and these are the only problems!

Therefore, their problems are not trivial and yes, they are real and important problems.

Stars that committed suicide due to depression

Stars that committed suicide due to depression

Certainly, when it comes to issues and problems, comparison is not valid.

What could be done, would be to consider each case, study it, check the circumstances and the person’s state of mind, then recommend an appropriate solution.
Every problem is important as long as it’s affecting someone and making them uncomfortable in any way.
This is of course a general and brief method but most importantly, never fall into comparison.

Hence, knowing all this, I don’t envy them anymore, I don’t look and compare, I don’t minimize their problems or pity myself.
I just focus on my life in order to manage how I will live it and be happy despite everything!

Artistic tree that shows half war and half peace
Huguette Antoun
July 11th, 2022
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