It’s weird and hypocritical that people completely understand when you tell them you don’t like this kind of food, this color, this style, this taste…

How you can’t stand certain scents as most people are for sure!

You might be allergic and have intolerance as well to some food, drinks, scents…Water!

Oh yes, WATER “Aquagenic urticaria” can you imagine the disaster? Imagine being allergic to a substance that makes up about 70 percent of the earth and almost as much of our bodies!

Aquagenic urticaria

Have you heard of Celiac disease? Imagine having children who might die if they eat certain food and you don’t know that!

Gluten Free


People are shocked, surprised and judgmental to know that you don’t love this or that person!

That you can’t love this or that person…

That you’re just unable to, even if you tried!


Have you tried to eat the food you can’t stand its taste?

The food you’re allergic and intolerant to?

Remember that drink that once poisoned you?

Have you tried to smell this scent that makes you want to throw up or die?

Have you tried to listen to this Music that makes your body irritated as much as our soul!



How do you force someone to love certain people or be close to certain people?

I mean which is more important?

How do you assume we’re helpless when allergy is involved but we have a choice when love is?

I’m very curious to know based on what you are judging.

Where is the evidence that what the body chooses or reject is more important than what the soul and heart do?

Just asking! And I know you don’t have an answer!

A quote: No One Can force you into Love even yourself