2022, I was so hopeful for your start, as a number 2 lover, there is a lot of “2” in 2022 and the number relieves me.
Now that you are about to end, I will write you a snapshot of your valuable lessons.

Definitely, 2022 was better than 2021. In 2022 I started to pull myself together, to be stronger after a very tough year full of agony, struggle, and even some unnecessary battles that I couldn’t even understand or make sense of before 2022.

2021 left me anxious, confused, grieving, and “on hold”

2022, is the year of clarity, the year of truth, and mostly the year of lessons learned even if most of the time the hard way. We indeed learn every day, all the time, and throughout all years, but let’s say that some years have a deeper impact than others. This is the lucky winner: “2022”.

Let me tell you this, no matter how smart you believe you are, how much experience you believe you possess, how much shit you have been through, life will find a way to surprise you, to tell you: I still have more for you dude, you still need to learn more and master it, you are still an amateur because the human nature is so complicated and people’s insecurities are a very wide world that you will fail to discover even if you tried.

Accordingly, the most important lesson to learn in 2022 is you can’t escape people’s insecurities, you can’t escape what is hidden, what cannot be seen, it is just like “Cancer” and most of the time, when discovered it is too late. How to fight this?

Actually, you don’t fight, you just keep your distance and shield yourself mentally, you discover yourself, know your worth, and don’t you ever forget who you are. And in case they throw arrows or bombs and declare war at you, then you can turn the warrior mode on, during the battle you must protect yourself with all the mediums you have. Be the fierce fighter you are because your foundation is solid, your mind is strong, and you are fearless.

fighting violence

In 2022, I learned again, to never trust people’s smiles and nice words; instead, you should wait for their actions and behavior. You’ve probably heard this a million times, then add it to your 2023 list because it is major: wait for them to see how they will act in certain conditions, and what they will do. They will choose the truth or follow the easy road of defamation. Only by then, you will discover which kind of people you are dealing with and never turn your back on them, like ever.

In 2022, I learned how powerful manipulation is on weak minds.
Manipulation can do wonders, and psychology is a very dangerous weapon when misused or exploited for a personal benefit, it is as dangerous as any other form of harassment, except that harassment can be proven sometimes! Even if you are mentally strong, you will suffer the manipulation consequences on weak minds.

The master player doesn’t get their hands dirty, they get other people to do their dirty work, they are so good at forming strategic relationships to get people to do things for them. No, you don’t play this game as well, but be prepared when they start to throw their shit on you. Be very well prepared.

manipulation quote

2022 confirmed again how important “good health” is. It is the most important thing ever without any competition. When you discover that your dearest people are sick, diagnosed with some tough disease, you will discover how trivial this life is, even if you are not a materialistic person, even if you are a spiritual person as I am, and material things mean nothing to you, it is a very strong reminder, a tough reminder to be back to what is really important. Probably you hear it the entire time but it’s different when you experience it, it’s totally different. Lucky those who discover this and practice it even before life throws this on them.
Believe me, with the absence of good health in your life or your loved ones’ life, nothing else will matter.

Repeat this and memorize it before you go through this life thinking that money can be eaten or stepping on others will make you reach the stars.

Moreover, while fighting your silent battles, don’t expect others to care, feel, or leave you alone at least.
Some will be plotting how to hurt you and stab you in the back while you are so busy fighting hard battles, striving to maintain your strength, and not to fall apart.

Believe me, even when your demons are dancing in front of you, pay good attention to the other demons hiding behind your back, they will do more harm.
And this is another lesson I learned in 2022 while fighting an illness battle with my best friend and some weak minds were plotting to stab me in the back. What these people did during my silence, struggle, and pain is not okay and will never be.

2022 taught me that being a superhero is a great need, don’t underestimate yourself, and be the hero that you are because if you weren’t, some people will make sure to describe you as the villain in the story.

Don’t dim your light for the sake of anyone, let them face their insecurities, it’s none of your business.

The people that will hate you just because you are shining so bright, because you are strong, and sometimes because you are facing your demons so bravely, these people need to look into the mirror and face themselves, they need to fix their issues, it’s not your concern at all. Imagine that, insecure people will hate your courage your bravery and your ability to continue your journey despite all the misery life threw at you! Can you imagine?

Keep your head up, but keep your eyes open and never ignore your gut feeling and intuition. Never do that.

young boy fighting cancer

2022 taught me that what is yours will always find a way to you, whether it is an opportunity or a person, don’t stress about it, what is yours will find a way, on other hand, what is not meant for you, will lose the way even if it was a highway, lighted 24/7, wide and always accessible.

In 2022 I regretted losing my focus and not noticing what was going on around me. I regretted believing in good intentions and trusting some people to do their job properly, but also in 2022 I put my faith fully in other people and they acted as highly as the trust I put in them and the good intentions won eventually.

Never lose your focus when you are surrounded by haters and the rest will come.

Furthermore, when people fail to higher their standards to meet yours, they will do everything to drag you down to meet theirs. People will throw stones at you when they fail to be in your life, to have you, or to be like you. Only the reconciled people will appreciate and love a strong soul and these people know very well that the road is very wide, clear, and accessible, not through defamation, and hate but through honesty and vulnerability.

2022 confirmed how dangerous the people that live in denial and don’t face themselves, these people will keep going back in different forms and shapes, and unfortunately, they will do harm each time they show up.

People that lie and deceive will always be afraid that others will do the same, and people that use defamation will always be afraid that others will do the same. They will run and be one step ahead of you each time to tell their story, to say what they thought you would say, not realizing that you are in a totally different place minding your own business.

Consequently, no matter how dark it gets, seek help, acknowledge the problem and face yourself, otherwise, you will always bleed on people that didn’t hurt you.

I want to emphasize to you how important the people that acknowledge their mistakes and say that they were wrong, or simply there was a misunderstanding, and they communicate to save the relationship vs. the others that create a toxic pattern full of deception and lies and denial and refuse to stop. I want you to focus in 2023 to tell the difference and never settle for less than what you deserve but at the same time do not fail to recognize a reconciled and real soul, embrace these people and never lose them despite the conflicts and misunderstandings.

Accordingly, in 2022, I appreciated deeper the people I have in my life, and realized how valuable they are. I underestimated their presence at some point and 2022 made me realize how important and unique they are, and how lucky I am to have them in my life. In 2023 I will keep reminding myself about this. Sending you all much love and respect.

Huguette Antoun
December 31st, 2022
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2022 taught me that age is not a number at all, don’t you ever believe this myth.

Your age is a combination of hard work, struggle, pain, joy, losses, tears and laughter, good and bad experiences, failures, successes, and hundreds of people, family friends, and acquaintances that left footprints and taught us a lot. Close your eyes and imagine yourself twenty years ago, tell me you are the same person, tell me you were not molded through years into the person you are today. Age is not a number, never forget this in 2023.

Never forget this and let some people trick you to believe they are mature and reconciled with themselves.

In 2022 I saw myself through my therapist’s eyes and it made me dig deeper into myself and discover more. In 2022 I received clarity, answers, and closure. Finally, the image is very clear and the things made sense.

2022 restored my faith, and I will confirm to you that nothing is more powerful than good faith, nothing at all! Whatever power you believe in, whether God or another higher power, I can tell you that you are unstoppable when you believe. You are never alone; you are never defeated. Moreover, even when it hurts, it’s important for your growth, for the bigger and clearer picture that you can’t personally see.

I learned that sometimes you need to make some effort even when you are struggling because people can’t read minds and they are struggling too, you must be as kind as you can, listen to them, show empathy and even help whenever possible.

Furthermore, you must know that pleasures are all temporary, don’t let them destroy you, and if your intentions are bad, everything will be turned against you. It’s all connected, and eventually what goes around comes around. Repeat this again “what goes around comes around” and whatever you do good or bad, will find a way to be back to you, and believe me, many times you won’t see it coming, and unfortunately most of the time you won’t believe that it’s the outcome of your own project.

2022 has ended, and I want to thank you for all these lessons, maybe I cried at first but then I stood up and got stronger, I could read your lessons very carefully and attentively, I stopped complaining, I smiled and I was grateful that after all these years, there are still many things to learn, many new things. I am humbled, and I am grateful but I promise you that in 2023 I will be the person I am, the person I was afraid to show, and this person is unstoppable.
Happy New Year everyone! 2023 is the beginning of a new chapter. Make it the greatest one in your book.
Happy New Year 2023

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