Imagine the Picture!

This was supposed to be a picture challenge but after I was nominated and I wrote a draft, I realized that I can’t take the challenge because same as I made many friends here, I also made many haters! But I decided to publish the story and you can imagine the picture I guess right? Even better because I hate rules and I love to break them! Or maybe it’s a new challenge like the hundreds created out there!
Why not? Hope you will enjoy!

The Story:

It was a regular day, nothing seems so special about it until I stepped out, and it’s suddenly gloomy, weird and heavy!
The more I walk the more I see people acting in a crazy and weird way!
I saw an old man sitting alone in a chair on the pavement not giving a fuck about the world!
He looked at me and read the questions on my “anxious face” so I stopped and looked at him, suddenly he started to talk:

People don’t know what they want; few are happy, many are miserable, some are nonchalant and some want what they can’t have!
Why we’re here? Do we know? Is it worth it to keep fighting, and whom we are fighting?
The system!
Who created the system and who can save us from this system?
Is there any higher power?
We are slaves! We are not living; we are surviving and struggling to spend few more days!
We are doomed; we fucked up and turned this world into a big jungle!
Let’s hope that God exists, let’s hope there’s heaven, because certainly there’s no hell worse than the one we created here my dear!
Look at them! What do they get from ruining our nature and infrastructure, is this makes them happy? Better human beings!?
Robbing and killing is the answer? This is a big lie!
It’s a big lie

And a touch of sadness and despair was covering all his face!

Does God want people to suffer?
Do straight people only are going to heaven? Then why create the others? The hell will be so busy if it’s the case!
Look at this woman; she climbed the church asking Jesus about his opinion! Do you think she’ll have an answer?

Then he looked into my eyes that were fighting the tears

What do you want my dear?

I looked at him mesmerized and shocked, feeling bitter and down and I answered: I just want to be happy!

And do you know how to be happy? Do you know what happiness is my dear?

Suddenly I heard the police cars, I heard the firemen trucks rushing, the Special Forces are everywhere and I realized that I don’t have an answer to the wise man question. I realized that I don’t know how to be happy!
The old man smiled at me and could read my confusion

Then my dear try at least not to make yourself and others miserable!
We have too much misery in this world, try at least not to hurt and not to cause damage, don’t take sides and don’t fight your shadow! Seek peace and happiness will follow!

Hope you enjoyed, your thoughts are always welcome 🙂

Huguette Antoun – July 8th 2019


  1. This was good. You made me reflect.
    It is so much pain and misery in the world.. so you have some beautiful words in the end here my friend. Oh my… I practice every day to think good thoughts and have vibes like a never ending fairy tail on the bright side of life… but it is hard. But, I think- I can, and the rest will follow… (well, I am a dreamer…)
    I enjoy reading it, and the picture was easy in my imagination.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Enjoy your day❤️

    • thank you dear Lillian for taking time to read and for this kind interaction 🙂 You know, it’s a blessing being a dreamer and focus of good thoughts and bright side of life…this is what we should all do! but we always have our up and downs, depending on the circumstances we live in…
      Glad the picture was easy to be imagined 🙂 Appreciate your time and sweet interaction as always ❤

  2. Wow! It really struck a heavy chord. We are slaves. We need to move out of this even if it’s going to be hard. Great writeup👍👍😁

  3. This story really carries a moral. Moral for those who had pessimistic attitude towards life. Well written. But what more surprised me is that you said you have haters in this blog. I could hardly believe that statement. Haters! It sounds strange for a person like you! 😦😦

  4. superb thoughts!In my view there is no definition of HAPPINESS.Happiness is a state of mind.Happiness is not outside, it is inside us! It is all about how we think about a particular circumstances, how we perceive things, how we react to a situation etc etc.

    To cut it short, we can always be happy if we are positive in our thought process.If we think we are happy,we are happy.If we think we are sad, we are sad.It is so simple,Hug!
    Pause and think about it!! you will have your answer in place!

    • Thank you Ravi for your valuable comment and for the happiness explanation as well
      the post is fictive and should be based on a picture and I imagined this story
      you are right, happiness is a state of mind, and it comes from inside and it depends on our attitude, but maybe it’s easy said than done , at least some days

  5. Well yes Huguette! the old wise man was right about everything he told you… and in addition, he gave you the key to happiness, the key to blossoming and bliss… the inner PEACE… great life lesson… thank you for sharing… good evening

    • Thank you Sofiane for reading and for your interaction as well, seems he was! and glad you liked the story, it’s based on a picture
      always appreciate your support 🙏

  6. That was a great story, it hits home very hard. Oh we are indeed slaves working to make money and then we die, it’s rather a mundane life. We are not free, it is only an illusion. We need to stand up against the system, but how we are going to do this? There is no answer
    Where we can meet such a wise old man? it would be interesting to have a conversation with someone like him

    • thank you Nadine! So glad you loved it, ken mafrud tkun story based 3ala soura, someone nominated me bass ba3dayn I knew ennu lezim to mention the creator w ana batalt e7ki ma3a hehehe we7di psycho! bte3tebir yelli sar ma3i b hayete: didn’t sound that rough :/ hahaha anyway so katabt el 2ossa based 3al picture bass I published it alone and asked them to imagine the picture 🙂
      we all have this wise man inside us, otherwise tell me how I wrote these words? 🙂

      • It is a great post dear=) lol ba3ed ma sadafet hada psycho here ma3 ino hazi nahes. too bad ma fina ne3mol block hon
        Yes dear, you’re right and you are a proof of that you are an old and beautiful soul in a young body.

      • ma huwi lamma tkheshi bel 3alam betbayen el 3ajeyeb, many sent me emails and added me on Instagram, so bayyanet el fadaye7 hahaha
        7ej t2uli 7azi na7s! negative aura! ma bet2emni bel negative and positive aura ?
        thank you dear, i’m not that young hahah

      • F7emet kinda stalkerish. Ma tedrabi ma inti hon mesh anonymous hata esmek w kel chi so it’s easy to track you down, so intibhi.
        Tso2, sorry ma bi amen bi hal eshwya. Srsly I do have bad luck so be careful I won’t jinx you:D
        Age is only a mindset, I’m 14 forever (yeah I do have the Peter Pan Syndrome)

      • ennu ma 3ndi mashkal 7ada yeb3atli email and be in touch, I like that bass seems I attract psychopaths shu 3arafni hahah bass fi ness ktir kind w bijannenu ta nkun fair
        law baddi ektub anonymous ktir hayni kenit, bass ana ma btefru2 ma3i,. worst case scenario, block…3adi I don’t blink
        Tayyeb tso2ayn hahaha laken you shouldn’t believe in bad luck right?? ma fi shi esmu hayk laken
        wlek ana ekher hammi el 3omr bas bwafer 3a 7ali araf el jahl wel labeling! manni mettara, fi ness ma byestehalu aslan ella yet3amalou 3al mustawa tab3oun…hown ba3ed 3omr m3ayan enti expired, ana laysh baddi et7ammal arafoun? eza mani mettara ma b2oul, so simple

      • 100% on everything you said. not going anonymous shows how transparent and courageous you are, F7emet 3laykeh ma kelna bil howa sawa bas to2ta3i 25 hon bi samokeh 3anes

  7. Hi Huguette😀 You are a great stort teller. This is so good. Starting from explaining the system, the poorly designed system and which made people something that they arr not, hard most didnt realise they are being a slave to someone. Well said There is no hell better than we created. No idea what is gods intention is, same time no idea whether god ever going to respond to our pleas. To be happy, What you said at the end a very basic advice to stay happy, Trying not to hurt, damage and not to make others life miserable✨✍️ Great Work Huguette✨✍️

    • Thank you Simon and so glad you loved the story 😁 you remember the picture right?
      I tried to make it a separate post and seems it has worked! Appreciate your kind words so much and your time to read as usually 🙂 Have a great day! 😁

  8. Oh my Huguette! This is the most beautiful story that I have read regardless of the image or not 😍
    Beside the fact that you are a beautiful and kind lady, your mind is beautiful 😍 wonderful words so beautifully put together! You are the proof that beauty comes from the inside 💕😊 regardless of the misery of this system, I found these words soothing 😍 “seek peace and happiness will follow” I love it! 😍
    Thank you Huguette! I hope you are still thinking writing that book! It would be a bestseller! 😍🤗🤗🌸🌸💕💕

    • I feel humbled dear Riby by all these lovely words 😊 This is what I meant by wide imagination hehee I can imagine scenarios and things, and I would accept the compliment about inside beauty 😊 outside is perspective hahaha
      well glad you loved the wise man words 😁 you know he’s the entire story I didn’t do anything 😁😁 sorry couldn’t mention the challenge name or post the picture so I keep it a separate post and glad it worked
      so happy you loved it and thank you for the nomination, which triggered this story 🤗🤗🌸🌸💕💕

      • Only true words 🌸💕🤗
        Outside is my perspective if you like it or not 😊😉
        You have a great imagination really! And the beautiful thing is that you are able to express it in such a wonderful way! I may have imagination too and a lot of wordings in my head but when I want to write them down, nothing…😅 only crumbs…
        Yes, yes, the wise man did the entire story without any help from your side 🤪🤪 And he did a really good job! Amazing I would say! And very wise!
        These nominations are very good for you 🌸🤪💕 you can release your imagination 😊🤪🤗💕
        I would always seek the peace! 🤗🌸💕🤗🌸💕

      • Thank you my dear, I’ll try to stay modest hahah 😁😁
        I just feel the ideas are very clear and I express them so easily, since I was at school, there’s a subject where you need to write a story from random topic, we called it “Ensha’ ” they give you few lines and you need to write about it, there are rules, introduction, heart of story and closure…I was very good and I used to write also the subjects for my brother and my aunt and they always had great grades and their work were honored by being pinned on some big board or so, while they were both stupid hahahhahahah about you, maybe it’s hard but when you do, you can write beautifully so I guess you need to just let them out, and probably it depends on subject I guess, some people struggle to express love for an example while they are good in other topics…
        Yes when I’m challenged, I can show another side I guess 😁😁
        peace of mind is everything I believe (as the wise man said 😁😁)
        Your day is about to end yayyy!! 🤗💕🤗💕

      • For this reason I said that if you ever decide to write a book, it will be a bestseller 😉😊 You have this ease in expressing your ideas 😉😊 Great subject at school, not easy at all 😅 I can understand your brother and your aunt 😅 luckily they had Huguette 😉😊 I hope they paid you well 😅🤪
        Yes, maybe is depending on the subject but most of the time the ideas and words come so beautifully in my mind…I would just like to be able to write it down immediately…but most of the time is not possible 😂🤪
        You are ready for every challenge 🤪😉🤗
        Oh definitely! If our mind is in peace we are happy 😃 and that’s everything 🤗💕🌸
        My day is ended and so am I 😅🤪
        Have a good afternoon and a pleasant evening 🤗🌸💕

      • bestseller?? 😃 I will send you a free copy if this happened one day 😊 Thank you for such beautiful faith in me 😊😊
        yes lucky for them , for me it was a hassle hahah and they were ungrateful, paid me shit hahhaha 😂😂 my brother was like you write too much, how I will write all this!!! 😂😂 he was a little nagger and I end up writing the draft and the final copy for him so he stop nagging 😂
        I say always take notes on your phone, write whatever ideas you have in a form of bullet points, don’t ignore them because they will go, ideas are like waves…
        The day was ended so you 😂 so it’s a good night for you and sleep well 😊 you’re almost half way for the weekend 😀 🤗🌸💕

      • Ok, I’ll wait for it 📖 😉😊
        Exactly, you were too good in writing for them…the teachers would know that they couldn’t come out with such good stories…😅
        I try to take notes but sometimes I’m too slow and the idea already dissipate 😂🤪
        Yes, another day and almost half way 😊
        Wish you a great and happy day 🤗💕🌸😊

      • 😊😊😊 let’s hope for that!
        OMG Ribana, send a voice to yourself with the ideas, don’t make me mad now 😂
        Half way indeed! Hope your day is going smoothly and happy 🤗💕

      • 😂😂😂 I don’t use Siri because when I ask something and she replies something totally different I tell her to fuck off 😂😂 I’ll do it!
        Enjoy the rest of the day 🤗🤗🤗💕💕

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yes, I heard is quite difficult to communicate with her 🤪🤪🤪
        Better manual notes on the phone📝 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Ahh, your words strike the right balance with the rhythm of my heart. This is one of the best stories I have read so far. This is so deep and I will share this with all my friends. You are amazing Huguette and to think like is indeed the easiest hut difficult too, because most of us are driven by lies, corruption, cheating, self interest and what not. We don’t know what will truly make us happy.
    I don’t know what to say more. This is a masterpiece for sure. I wish you all the best and I hope you will share more of the beautiful works with us!💖🎉😊

  10. Loving the story. You are born to write Huguette 🙂 Sometimes keeping yourself mum and quiet is the best thing to do. You don’t have to change everything to be happy. There is happiness in peace.

  11. Imagining, haters? I haven’t noticed that someone hates you here💚older people always looks so calm and wise, not all, but many, it is good to have the conversation with them. I m thinking very often as well about the system and how its all started, the world levelling down, and i’m not shy to say it because is so true, old wise man made his point, at leas less pain💜

    • Someone that think what I went through in my life “not so tough” is what?
      someone else called me nasty because I was being honest with them and I didn’t say anything actually (Hope i can publish the mail conversation!)
      SO these people are haters and hypocrites as well yes!
      It’s a story based on a picture, I imagined the whole conversation and so happy you liked it and appreciate your time to visit my blog and read my content so much 😊💜

  12. Huguette my dear is this a true And real story ??I got gooseflesh while reading it . Sometimes it happens to me to think that it is better not to argue someone about some topic of which I think that l am maybe right , because it ends up of me saying something that I regret after . Then I talk to myself and say : what is the point in hurting ? Why did I make his day worse with my unpleasant words ? So I think the old man is just right , it’s better to make someone smile then making his go home sad with hurtful word . A great lesson of lofe my dear , thank you very much ❤❤

    • Oh no it’s not my dear 😕 pure imagination based on a photo as I explained but then I decided to publish it like that without the picture
      I’m really glad you liked it! And your perspective is right but sometimes we can’t help it and we hurt , we need to keep trying and spread hope and happiness always
      Thank you for reading despite the internet problem 🙏🏻appreciate it a lot 🙏🏻❤️❤️

  13. I loved your reflection on this one. When I am not at peace with things or myself, my happiness disappears. They go hand in hand. And even further, when I am not happy, I am hard on others around me. Well done, Huguette! I hope to see you do more of these! You have a wonderful imagination.

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