Chain Letter Tag – Happiness

I was tagged by Lillian  for something new “Chain Letter”.
Don’t know if it’s a 3.2.1 Quote me or something different.
Anyway, the topic is “Happiness” Oh I have plenty around! 😁 😁

Lillian is one of the kindest bloggers out there, she lives in my favorite country “Norway”, she loves butterflies, she writes beautiful sensual and love poems and other topics as well. Check her blog for more:

Thank you so much dear Lillian for this tag, I appreciate your kindness so much 😁

The Rules for this “Chain-Letter” as copied from Lillian post:

  1. Thank the selector.
  2. Post two quotations for the dedicated “Topic of the Day” (in this case, “happiness”).
  3. Select three bloggers to take part in “3-2-1 Quote Me!”

The topic is Happiness, harmony and joy! Wow! I don’t know if I ever felt this actually 😁

Actual photo of me being Happy 😂

My Quotes:

I will combine 2 definitions I wrote about happiness and freedom in one of my previous posts.

Happiness is the freedom to do what you feel, what you want, what you love, being what you love and with whom you love. It’s being free and capable to do all the above mentioned without anyone to blame you or to judge as long as you’re not hurting anyone.

Huguette Antoun

My favorite ever is John Lennon quote! This man was a genius! No wonder they killed him! He understood life at a very young age thanks to his mother of course, because life is meaningless if you’re not “Happy”!

When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I wrote down “happy”
They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t understand life

John Lennon

I know that only 2 quotes are needed but there are so many quotes so I will add one more:

The thing everyone should realize is that the key to happiness is being happy by yourself and for yourself

Ellen Degeneres

My Happy Nominees:

  1. Sonia :
  2. Simon :
  3. AL:
  4. Ribana:

Hope you are all very happy today! And every day 😊

Thank you for reading! 😊

Huguette Antoun – June 19th 2019


  1. Wow, thank you so much for your kind and lovely words about me. I got tears in my eyes because my heart are crowded with feelings of joy and gratitude❤️Wow… Thank you Huguette, I am so glad that our roads crossed each other here on blog❤️
    A big hug❤️

  2. Nice topic.
    I specially liked this quote, “The thing everyone should realize is that the key to happiness is being happy by yourself and for yourself.”
    No one can penetrate your mind and understand how you feel and what emotions are enfolded inside. People around you can just suppose these things. If you know yourself, then why not make yourself happy and try to meet your own needs? Nowadays it’s easy to believe you are trapped without choices and you are somehow at the mercy of everyone and everything around you. The truth is that we always have a choice to change our life and circumstances for the better. If something in life makes us feel despondent, then we should change it, because everything is up to us with regards to our happiness and state of being. However, easier said than done.

    • Thank you Saania for taking time to read and comment! Yes you said it right, no one can know what we’re going through and what really makes us happy! We can pretend and lie on everyone but not on ourselves but you said it, it’s easier said than done, and this is why most people are unhappy but eventually the only way is just choose what makes us happy and I agree we always have the choice! Even dying is a choice by the way 🙂 Appreciate the exchange so much! Have a good day

  3. That baby though 😂😂😂 reminds me of grumpy cat.

    Lovely quotes as always and he seriously said that when he was 5?
    I was dancing around with a boy hat when I was 5. 😂

    • He’s even grumpier 😂
      He was at school but don’t know which age, his mother told him that when he was 5 and yes this man is a legend, probably you will be one day, I mean who knows right? 🙂 despite the scene you just mentioned 😂😂😂😂

    • I think that happiness is the thing that matters the most , the only feeling which filled up the body and soul, If only each of us would respect what makes the other happy ,despite backgrounds and other things, the world would be much more a better place ❤
      I am a big fan of John and Yoko , loved their couple , so bad that hey were deprived of continuing their journey together😥
      Loved your definition of happiness my dear ❤ they should add it to the dictionnary

      • Thank you my dearest for reading ❤️😊 you’re right, nothing really matters if we’re not happy I guess
        Yes John Lennon is a big loss! They killed a man because he wanted the world to be as one 😕😕 no wonder the world is getting darker and uglier
        I’m humbled my dear by your lovely compliment 😊❤️ it’s how I see happiness and glad you loved it and hope you will always be happy 🙏🏻❤️😊😊

  4. Good morning Huguette! Well, it says morning on my laptop, it’s actually afternoon here. Enjoyed your post and the great quotes! I know, you didn’t want to hear from me on my vacation, but I need to slow time too, just don’t have enough energy to keep going all day! Besides, I wore out my guide yesterday, and myself, by doing too much in one day! Nice and hot here, humidity is what makes it so hot though. It’s a beautiful place for sure. Have a great day, or remainder of it since we are only an hour apart now.😃😂🌴🌞

    • OMG steve! You’re blogging on your vacation 😁 one hourrrr 🤔🤔
      Most importantly hope you are enjoying and all as planned 😊
      Thank you for stopping by during your free time and save your energy for another day you don’t need to blog 😸
      Have a great vacation and stop blogging 😂

      • Well, our time zone is only an hour apart now. Well, I have to do something while I’m not doing something. Tomorrow is another busy day, providing my legs hold out! Yes, I am definitely enjoying though I didn’t enjoy the trip, got terribly air sick due to serious turbulence for 3 hours. So that wore me out a bit more than normal too. Oh well, still more time yet! Enjoy your evening Huguette!😁🌞🌴📷

      • Okay as long as you’re enjoying 😊 and sorry for the trip turbulence 😕 but hope you weren’t lost at least in the airport 😁
        So compensate and enjoy as much as you can 😸😸🌞🌝🌝🌝

      • Fortunately the airport part was easy, I hope I can say that on the way back too since this airport is totally unfamiliar to me and I will depart from a different area. Sigh. Will have to get an early start that day!😂😂🌞😀🙄

      • I might be sad to leave at that, except of course I have Muffin waiting for me!😸 Early day tomorrow, I go visit the castle! Among other things.😁🌞🌴

      • Ohhh glorious day 😁 enjoy it! We’ll be waiting for a proper post after you’re back 😊
        Sure Muffin will be waiting to annoy you again and get her revenge 😹

      • Revenge, that’s what I’m afraid of! Oh well, off to bed for me and off to the castle in the morning first thing! By the way, I’m in Nice!😁🌞🌴📷

      • I thought it was a secret 🤭😁 someone sent me a hint actually but it’s a secret 🤫
        Enjoy beautiful Nice and take lot of pictures 😁🌞
        Have a good night and have rest for tomorrow 😊🌞😸

  5. Chain letter? Oh wow this is new 🙂
    I love your actual photo of you trying to be happy 😂😁 too, too cute 😂😁
    I don’t know which quote I like most, are all so great! One thing I know for sure, if we are not happy with ourselves, we are not happy at all, everything we do is just facade…
    Thank you for the nomination my dear Huguette! Stay always happy 😊 💕💕💕

  6. Lovely post Huguette. Happiness, simple yet complex topic. Very well written. I like this quote – Half of happiness is being okay with what you don’t have and the other half is being okay with losing what you have’.

  7. Hi Huguette, Thanks for the nomination 🤗 again. Happiness a perfect topic 😁 Oh that GIF,😁Smiles … Ive read John lennon quote before but loved yours and ellen’s quote is 👌new to me. Happiness is a freedom it is a choice it is a state of mind. 😍✨ Stay Happy ✨ Stay Positive ✨

    • Thank you Simon for your lovely interaction and you’re welcome 😊 yes Happiness is a great topic and looking forward to your post
      If we’re not happy with ourselves nothing can make us happy I guess 👍
      Have a good day 😊

  8. Good afternoon, yes very happy, having a nice day, John is the one to remember for sure and you are right, no one can make you happy it must be inside you, you can hate life or love it its your personal choice, i really like this happiness is what you want🤗, many people still looking for the recipe how to be happy, just be thought, not so easy, its another hard work with yourself👍Exactly, we dont need anybody else to be happy, it must come from you, by yourself and for yourself, dont worry be happy!!!

  9. First of all thank you for the nomination 🙂 🙂 I may not be able to do it now, but i will do it for sure. I will save it on my draft. 🙂 My favorite is John Lenon’s quote. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

  10. Wow, thank you for such inspiring quotes Hug! I love your quote about happiness and John Lennon’s witty retort. True if you don’t know how to be happy, you don’t what’s life is about.

  11. Huguette, I so admire you! You’re bold, you’re brave, you’re beautiful. Even more awards and nominations are surely rushing your way! ❤️

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