Game Of Thrones – Season 8 – The Deterioration

This post is full of spoilers so please don’t read it if you didn’t watch season 8 yet. Or Game Of Thrones series and you’re planning to watch it in the future.

I’m not one of those fans who started to watch Game Of Thrones on April 17th 2011 and had to wait one entire year for each season to be aired.
I watched the 6 seasons in 2017 just before season 7 started so basically I only waited one year 8 months for season 8.
But I watched the first six seasons many times until I almost memorized the entire dialogue, houses, sigils, everything! I just loved the first 6 seasons so much!
Season 7 wasn’t that good but it had some events and surprises. The opening left me speechless and extremely happy!

Arya killing Walder Frey & then Killing the Freys
And then my reaction 😀

But season 8 is a total failure! I read many critics and I read many comments and I hardly could find good comments regarding this season, why they decided to ruin this series like that? We don’t know yet.
A total deception and the fans want to sign a petition so they can re-make season 8! To this extent:

Of course I’ll write my point of view which is the point of view of many and also the feedback I heard from people around me.
And they are mostly:

  • Poor writing!
  • It doesn’t make sense!
  • Pile of trash!
  • They could have done better!
  • They ruined the series
  • What’s the point of the 7 previous seasons?

“Disappointing”: Kit Harington’s reply (Jon Snow) when asked to describe the finale in one word!

Rushing and running for no reason! I mean why not making them 8 good episodes or 10 good episodes instead of 6 episodes, each episode 1 hour and so except the first 2 episodes, a bit less than one hour! If you did this to save money, why bother to produce this series from the first place? You must always finish what you have started and finish it better than you started not worse!
The actors are having millions so why acting poorly with the last season? You killed everyone anyway and saved lot of money! Make more episodes for God sake instead of squeezing the events in 6 seasons and nothing really made sense!

The writing is poor, a sentence I kept reading and hearing and this is what made season 8 weak and unpopular.
This is what made the season fail dramatically from my point of view.

The acting and SFX Production has been stellar but without a good script and dialogue to back it up, unfortunately .

Each word was said for a reason in the first six seasons, we needed to focus on everything and suddenly everything is silly, we don’t know why they focused on many incidents such as Lyanna Mormont death, why they focused on Arya scene after Dany has burned everything! The white horse? Why Bran is the Three Eyed Raven and he served at nothing!
Why they freed Yara Greyjoy if she’ll not appear before the last scene?What’s the point of revealing Jon’s true identity, it was for nothing as the entire story of Lyana Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen that was the reason of all this, turned out to be for nothing!
Million questions…

Tyrion Lannister is becoming dumber and dumber after he was the smartest man in Westeros!

Oh yes I know 😂😂😂❤❤ I’m sure many miss the below scene!

Suddenly and after 7 seasons from glorifying Daenerys Targaryen and making her the rightful queen and the just queen, they burned the character in one episode! She’s the mad queen now and deserves to die! Like seriously? I never hated Dany but never was her ultimate fan, she talks too much 😀 but I liked her. I mean she lost her child, Khal Drogo, she was raped, kidnapped, humiliated, her loyal maid was murdered, then she lost her mind for losing Missandei! Not logical.

Suddenly the dragons are so vulnerable after they’ve been invincible!
Then invincible again when she burned King’s Landing without a scratch!
I mean no true fan would think that Drogon could fly through a veritable asteroid belt of ballistas with nary scratch when just 1 episode earlier they showed how easy it was to take out a dragon when a few of those things were fired.

Suddenly all the messages they kept sending  regarding the white walkers and the night King and the dead bodies symbols, all vanished!
And in the moment the Night King is dead (even if he has to die otherwise everybody will die but still it was so fast!)
And after his death, nothing is important anymore, it’s as if it wasn’t that bad! As if they weren’t so close from being eliminated for good! They’re back to be enemies and plotting against each other’s which is really poor and non-sense.

Cercei Lannister lamest death! They decided that Cercei will die in the arms of Jaime and pile of stones will fall on their heads!
8 seasons waiting for this hateful woman to die, when she died I felt sorry for her! They made us feel sorry for Cercei and hate Dany in minutes!

Jaime Lannister stabbed to death but he didn’t die and managed to walk and meet Cercei. Another miracle! 🤨

Arya couldn’t reach her! The assassin that made miracles before, hardly escaped the white walkers and couldn’t reach Cercei but she kills the Night King!
For me? It’s perfect, she’s my favorite character, the badass, the rebel, but it doesn’t make sense as well, all the Night King’s assistants were standing there passive and useless, he didn’t see this coming even though he’s invincible!
But God I loved that scene! Because they were all dying in minutes and all was black until the light appeared! No not the real light because we hardly watched this episode, it was all in black, but the light that Arya brought after killing the Night King.😎😎

Suddenly, no need for Arya to use the faceless man tricks and face / shape shifting or whatever is that, nothing!  She’s there watching.  

Hound-Mountain scene is very good! If you’re too hateful to forgive, you can’t expect less than this scene! Very well done, amazing scene really!    

Each time we ask about the wolves, the answer is CGI! What?
You’re paying millions and suddenly you want to save money and deprive the fans from a good farewell between Jon and Ghost and also many other scenes! As a wolves and Starks’ lover, this pissed me off big time! Where’s Nymeria? Fuck CGI!

Bran! My least favorite Stark! Since he turned to be a warg and then the “Three Eyed Raven”, he seems as if he’s under the weeds effect the entire time!
We met the previous Three Eyed Raven and he used to speak, to communicate, but Bran is giving us this stupid face the entire time and seems useless despite all his abilities! And then, he’s the king of the 7 kingdoms, I mean the 6 kingdoms!
One thing I loved a lot, the north is independent! And Sansa the queen of the north “well earned” . I hated Sansa the first six seasons but at least she learns even if she’s a slow learner!

We never saw Bran using his warg skills, didn’t do anything at all! He was watching and knowing all this will happen and then all these people will die and he’ll become the King.
Who are the damn writers for fuck sake?

My predictions were that each continent will be independent and there’s no Iron Throne.
My friend said the Iron Throne will be burned and that was a good prediction and a logical one for such story, that no one will sit on the Iron Throne.

But Bran ruling? Jon Snow couldn’t be saved unless he’s sent to the wall! Why?  The unsullied are leaving anyway and he’s Aegon Targaryan! If not, he stills the King’s brother!
How his brother is ruling and he’s sent to the wall? (He’s his brother for the entire kingdoms since no one knows his truth except few people).

Why focus for 6 seasons on him and that he’s the rightful heir but then the only way to save him: the wall! The wall was destroyed partially by the Night King and ice-dragon? Isn’t it? The same wall that took hundred of years to be built.

They seemed not giving a fuck! As if, they’re tired and bored, I mean Starbucks coffee in a scene and 2 water bottles in another? Jaime’s hand growing again just before he dies and many mistakes not really acceptable for such successful series.

Regarding the final episode, my friend told me: throw it in the recycle bin and don’t watch it! What a fucking ending! I thought all my favorite characters will die, but personally I didn’t hate the end because I love the Starks, I love Tyrion but I didn’t love how they rushed things, they dealt with events in a really immature way!
The writing is still poor even if I liked the ending. But liking it in a way that: Okay my favorite characters made it alive! And this is not enough at all!

There’s some interesting theory that Game Of Thrones’ ending turned to Lord of The Rings’ ending. (Check the video below)

We used to sit and discuss and give theories after watching each episode from the first 7 seasons, and during the last season, we were not giving a fuck, watching it as a duty and we were more and more disappointed with each episode until episode 5 strokes and it was the top of disappointment!
We sat there shocked, didn’t speak, okay the season has officially ended to all of us!
We watched the final episode just to finish this thing and regardless if our critics are right or wrong, our feelings can’t be wrong, if they made us feel this way, then something went really really wrong!

Before it was: hey put a pause I need to look one second to see if it’s a message from work.
Now: hey I’m going to bring something from the kitchen, you don’t need to put pause, keep watching! Don’t worry
(happened literally)

If you’re average, no one will care! But when you reach a very high and successful place, each step you make is very important and each step back or slight mistake will be noticed big time! That’s it; this is life unfortunately, unfair but with great success comes great responsibilities.
And even if Game Of Thrones writers and producers fucked up the season 8 but this series will always be a very unique fingerprint in the world of cinema and series making!
We will certainly miss all these characters and this huge and outstanding production and effects.

I will miss the opening credit mostly and I will miss the real Game Of Thrones!

Some Memes:

Please feel free to share your thoughts. Were you satisfied with the ending? What are your thoughts and opinions and personal scenarios for the finale?  

Huguette Antoun – May 24th 2019


  1. I have never watched this, so there is no point in me getting involved with this discussion. So there you go Huguette!😉

  2. I was really disappointed when i saw it, dont know why they did it this way, maybe they saving money or they got bored of being in those characters for so long?

  3. This reminds me of what you say about responsibility and fucking up. People are brutal-and yes-just the way it is. Better to stop before they start expecting. So on that note—I’ll be leaving now. It’s been fun. 🙂

  4. Great review. I couldn’t completely agree with every word!!! They have spoiled an entire series just because they want to produce some good spin-offs. But I don’t know with this endings how will they give justice to the prequels as lot of prophecies,theories and prophecies have been sent to dust. I have written some of my own reviews and started a blog which I was waiting to start for long!!!! let me know what do you think about it.

  5. I always say that I’ll watch it but I never find time for it 🤪 However I’ll not read your post as who knows, maybe one day I’ll find the time 😉 Have a lovely weekend my dear Huguette! 🤗🌷

    • Hahah okay don’t read it at all them maybe you’ll have time 😊 and I will certainly ruin it for you
      Have a lovely weekend as well and eat the Risotto 😁😁😁💕💕🤗

  6. I started watching this series in my first year at the University in 2011 and it happened that it was the first season, I loved it (Khal drogo 😉 ) and then I loved it even more with the succession of events, the episode of the red wedding irritated me because I loved Rob so much that I didn’t want to watch it anymore but I kept watching it and it became even more exciting, but after all this final season was not like i expected it at all’ it was way too much for me 😭I guess that it may be my biggest disappointment of all the movies and series I’ve seen in my life and I’ll see, it’s good I want to get over it 😭 you brought back great memories in me my dear, I loved reading and seeing your pictures and mêmes, thank you so very much, Great evening dear 😘😘

    • Thank you dear Souad for reading 🙂 You’re one of the few GOT fans here actually and it’s not easy after watching from 2011 to be that disappointed :/ I will leave you Khal Drogo but I don’t share Rob hahah I loved Rob and Talisa and after the Red Wedding I was literally devastated but I wanted to watch to have my revenge and I had to wait until season 7 🙂
      It’s too bad how they ruined a series like game Of Thrones, it’s too bad really!
      Glad I brought back some good memories, I wanted to add more but the post is already so long!
      Thank you again for the lovely exchange, I should decide what to watch next hahaah
      have a great day 😘😘 ❤

  7. Oh girl, I love reading everything!! I can’t agree more, it all made sense. They are rushing just to end the show. I like the end, very unexpected but viewers are expecting more and they did not live up to it, because they are just trying to end things – that’s it. Looks like they get tired too. It could have been better. There’s one episode in season 7 that is all crap and I don’t even manage to watch it again, because first time my family watched it I fell asleep and they told me don’t bother to watch it. lol

  8. Good morning Huguette, i was thinking, do you think they will make again the last season to please people?❤️
    They get paid a lot, because of us, we are the people who watches it, because of us they made millions on the movie and it is so rude to dont make it to us, do you think is the actors you were tired of those characters and wanted to ended? Or it is the right who didnt knew anymore what to write?

    • Oh no I think not 🙂 because it will cost lot of money and anyway they don’t think they did anything wrong, they are not feeling guilty or something :/ unfortunately they ruined the show, now they are preparing for prequels I guess so no time for regret for them! The actors did their role perfectly, the problem is with the script and poor writing and the non sense…The acting is great! So it’s definitely the writing yes. they lost the logic and the events progress, they just throw any bullshit to end the show!
      Thank you for reading and taking time to comment ❤ 🙂

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