Raise your head!

How you will see the beauty if you’re looking down?
How you will see clearly if you’re looking down?
How you will see your beloved ones’ eyes, if you’re looking down?
How you will know if they’re happy or sad, crying or shining?
How you will notice these tender eyes gazing at you?
How you will enjoy the sunset and sunrise beauty?
How you will see the green, the nature, the sea, the flowers…


Have you watched the flowers in the garden, how beautiful they are?

Have you heard the birds announcing a new beautiful day?

Have you noticed this old man struggling daily with his bag hoping someone can give him a hand?

Have you noticed this little girl? She was so scared and needed just a smile!

Have you noticed this woman, have you noticed this man? They were searching for your eyes desperately!  

Have you noticed?
Have you noticed anything at all!  

How you will see?
How you will notice?

If you don’t raise your head from this damn device you’re slave to?

How the hell you will see?
How the hell you will live?

And later on you complain that this life is harsh, nobody cares, and nobody loves you! 
You try to take your life!
Which life?
Have you lived from the first place?

Because if you ever did, you will never think to take your life, because life is so precious, so beautiful!
Just raise your damn head!

I’m sure when you’re dead you won’t be able to tell the difference between burying you head in some device or in the grave!

I’m sure when your beloved ones die, you will read about them or hear stories about them…
Stories they wanted to tell you so badly if you ever raised your head!

People fought for centuries to abolish slavery and you’re making yourself a slave willingly!

You’re a slave for a little changeable piece, chargeable piece, fragile and unstable
That makes you a “stupid slave” for a so-called “smart device”.

Raise your head and live!
You’ll only live once so make it counts!

Thank you for reading. Appreciate your thoughts and opinions regarding this matter.
Have a great mobileless weekend! 🙂

Huguette Antoun – May 17th 2019


  1. This is the post I wanted to write and to say.
    You have written it so beautifully and all the picture.
    I would love to publish this on my website.
    If you want to get featured reply with your name and country name.
    Thank you and thank you very much for this great post.

    • Hello, thank you for reading and for the kind words 🙏🏻🙏🏻
      Can you explain a bit about your website, because I read some posts, left comments and they were ignored
      Not so much of blogging when you ignore your readers , they will not come back

      Didn’t get what you mean by featured reply with my name and country name, forgive my ignorance here
      Thank you

      • Sorry for that you have got reply.
        It’s not about ignorane. I do visit read and share my thoughts on others post.
        Some times i wait for the writers of the post to reply to the comment.
        And name and country name is required for publishing your work.
        Thank you

      • Ok I got your point
        Thank you for clarifying but I’m saying this for your sake and your site , nothing is personal here
        I can see that you’re making lot of efforts commenting on people posts and so, then people read and no one replies. This was my point
        My name is Huguette Antoun
        Ny country is Lebanon 🇱🇧
        Appreciate your interest in my article 🙏🏻

      • I will try my best to communicate and reply to everyone.
        Thank you very much for pointing out.
        And thank you very much for sharing your article.
        Looking forward to read and learn more from you.

  2. This hurt to the core. I am a slave and I don’t know how to become free….. No one can help me but myself. This really opened my eyes

  3. Thank you for such an amazing post Huguette! I especially loved the way you constructed it, so precise and striking! It started with something seemingly motivational and then baam! Here comes the reality, just as it should! sorry, no emojis hehe
    I agree with every single point! Technology has enslaved us and we were the ones to surrender our lives to it! You don’t even realize and an entire day slips off, you just remain tangled in Instagram and other social media! Apparently, technology was invented to save us time when it came to productivity, but now, we stand at a point where our economy suffers because of our phone addiction! To save myself and my life I often try to switch off my phone at least in the evening every day! That’s when I have tea and read books!
    Great and meaningful article! Thanks for sharing! Always a pleasure to be here! (✿◠‿◠)

    • You didn’t see it coming I know hahah bammm
      Thank you dear Gauri for reading and for such valuable interaction! we’re all in the same position and we must really do something about it, you’re doing great by switching your phone, we should embrace the moments with our loved ones! enjoy our life for god sake, I guess I said enough in the post haha
      Thank you dear ❤ enjoy your weekend!

      • Yeah! I didn’t see it coming at all, but I loved it when the article changed its course!😊
        The pleasure is all mine!😊💕
        Absolutely! Our smart phones are consuming our lives and we don’t even notice that! I got that idea of switching off my phone when one day, I had a bad migraine and couldn’t even tolerate the idea of looking at it, but the notifications kept coming!😂
        We all need to take our lives back!😎
        I am so sorry for the late response, I was in the middle of responding when some work came up and then I ended up working through the night!😅😅
        Again, my pleasure!😊 You too, have a great weekend!💕

      • Don’t worry at all about the late response 😊 there’s a time difference and life we have as well 👍
        Glad this post strikes a cord and I believe things are getting worse so it will be about personal efforts, each one needs to find their way out
        Hope you’re enjoying your weekend 😊💕

      • Hehe! Thank you so much! But still, I am trying to get better at this! Would hate to miss replying to any comment because of that!😅
        Exactly! We need to start working on this, ASAP!😊
        Yeah! Same! I hope you are having a marvelous weekend!😃
        I spent mine working so far😭😭

      • Yes I keep checking and I check the SPAM daily also, I don’t like to preach what I don’t practice actually 😊 The weekend so far is amazing, and LEAVE THE DAMN WORK GAURI! OMG 😡

      • Oh! I agree! Initially, I had no idea about the spam problem, then Priya (zealous homo sapiens) knocked me! Thank god she did!😅😅
        Exactly! We should preach only what we practice!😎
        Haha! I can’t leave the work! What to do??😭😰😰

      • 🤔🤔 you should find a way to have some rest otherwise the work will become a nightmare 😕😕
        Hope today is better in a way 😊

      • I want to, but I am trying to use my twenties to the most. I love keeping myself busy!😊😊💕
        Today is Monday!😭😅😂🤣
        Have a great Monday!😊

      • Oh well if you’re enjoying your twenties like that then you’re beyond saving 😂😂
        Have a great Monday as well 😊😊 don’t know what’s the damn difference for you between weekend and Monday??? 😅😅

      • Haha! I am working my twenties off!😂😂
        Hehe! Since I am so late with my reply, so have a great Wednesday! * Ba dum dhish*😅
        Hehe! On some fine Sundays, I even forget that it was a Sunday! I know! This is not healthy! I am working multiple jobs!😅😅

      • :/ :/ I guess you should take some break but as you see, you will not so I hope at least your mood will be better and your week will be less hectic and anxious😊😊

      • Hahaha! Actually, I work to avoid running into reasons that trigger my anxiety, that’s usually due to my personal life!😥😥
        Thank you so much for the sweet words huguette! Have a great day ahead!😊💕

      • I can understand and it’s up to every person to do what suits them but at certain point, if it’s not helping maybe the plan needs to be changed 😊
        So look into that and stay true to yourself always 😊💕

      • Absolutely! I agree! We need to keep on evolving our plans and method until we achieve our desired result! 🙂 Yeah! Thank you so much! Have a great say ahead! 🙂
        Also, no emojis today! hehe

      • Who can remember the damn comment 😂
        Welcome back and sorry for your loss 🙁 left you comment guess it vanished on your new post 😕

      • 😂😂😂 I know. I responded so quickly right?🤣🤣
        Yeah! It has been tough, but we don’t have an option but to allow time to heal our wounds!
        Oh! Yeah! I’ll get to it!🙂

      • 😂😂 Oh yes you certainly did! A new world record 😂😂
        Hope time will heal all the wounds, this life is full of tragedies and sadness, if we don’t learn how to accept and move on, it will be much harder!
        Have a great day😊

      • Yeah right!😎😎😂
        Yeah! I agree. Life is all about learning from your experiences and moving on. We can’t stay at a place and mourn a loss for life
        Life has to go on!!😔😔
        You too, have a great day ahead 😊💕

  4. Je te promets qu’il me suffit de lire un de tes articles et la force et l’optimisme me reviennent , Always strong an meaningful words , they just put on you this feeling that you can overcome everything and fight for you life , merci pour ce beau et magnifique poste , bisous ma belle Huguette ❤

  5. Good afternoon to you Huguette while still morning here! This is a fantastic post Huguette! And it’s all so true, people get to the point where they can’t put their phone down for even a short time. I saw a guy walking down the sidewalk one day looking at his phone, people had to move out of his way, finally he walked right into a tree!😂 I must say I don’t like it when I’m talking to someone and they are looking at their phone every few seconds, why am I talking? I enjoyed this, I hope you have a great day and wonderful weekend!😃🌞😺

    • Good morning to you Steve 😊
      Thank you so much for reading and glad you liked it 😊
      😂😂😂 this is so funny! I would have laughed at him for one year OMG 😁
      For me it’s so not respectful to be with someone and you’re starring at your phone or scrolling 😕 I don’t stay silent in this case at all! I love the real gatherings, the real talks , the fun you have with friends or family or partners
      Where are they? I still remember the beautiful times we had the time there were no phones at all! It was really great
      Appreciate your contribution and enjoy the weekend as well 😊😊😸😸

      • I was out for lunch with a friend who lives 4 hours from here, he was just in for the day for some business. The whole time he was constantly looking at his phone, checking texts, he kept saying ‘hold that thought’ while I was talking so he could send a text or read one. I’m sitting there wondering, why am I here??😠 Whatever happened to real talking with people? Almost felt like ‘accidently’ spilling my coffee on his phone!😂😂

      • 😂😂😂 make him read the damn post hahah this is really sad! I know what you mean 😕😕 you should have spilled that coffee Steve 😁😁

  6. The topic need to be discussed more. Its not only increasing distance between loved ones but also increasing health and mental risks.
    Plus this was reminder for all of us.
    Thank you for writing this.

    • Thank you Sohanpreet for reading and for your insightful comment😊
      Yes sure, many disadvantages can be added because there are plenty! I planned it to be focusing on this part on purpose and I mentioned suicide even if slightly and you’re welcome to add your discussion or share a post as well 👍

  7. Striking post and words! It is a topic have should be discussed. I really think that most people do not realise they are slaves of their phones. I am particularly concerned with younger generations. Their habits are so different. My way of relaxing and finding peace and happiness is entering nature; theirs is looking at their mobile phones . And while doing that they do not realise what they are missing pretending they are living! Scary thing! Brilliant post Huguette!👌❤️

    • Our conversation the last day gave me the idea and since then I’m thinking how to write it 🙂
      It’s very sad indeed☹️
      Thank you for reading 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. The pictures display ideas that are so powerful! Great choice in words. Never look down, whether it’s in shame, embarrassment and of course, addiction. Drugs aren’t what’s dangerously addictive anymore. But the difference is for this drug, you can find a cure.

    • Thank you dear and sorry this comment went to SPAM just retrieved it!
      Thanks for reading and for your original comment, you are totally right “for drugs, you can find a cure”
      Glad you loved the pictures, I have them from long time and I really love how powerful they speak
      Have a great evening ❤

  9. Wow! I am moved by this, it’s so true and heart-piercing. Couldn’t have out it any other way. Thank you for this… This is the truth everyone should listen to. Loved it!

  10. Huguette, you have again hit the bull’s eye. You are amazingly efficient in making your point. I agree with you. These smart devices snatch the creativity and thinking ability, I have heard. Addiction leads to distance from your own family members and friends, while this maybe a necessity, we should use it smartly or rather find some other alternative. I particularly like the pictures you gave to complement your post. They are conceptual and amazing😊

    • Thank you dear for this lovely metaphor 😊 so glad you liked the post and it resonates with you
      It’s really destructive and nothing smart about all these smart devices and the addiction on them! We need them of course but we need to live and embrace life and our loved ones, this is what I wanted to say
      I couldn’t do it without pictures 😊 I believe that a picture worth 1000 words sometimes and it happens I have these pictures and couldn’t forget how powerful they are
      Glad you liked them and appreciate your time and valuable interaction 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

      • Your posts are amazing, trust me. Now people have family dinners but they talk with their phones. I have seen people just hooked to their phones, trying to get connected to someone far away while the person sitting next to him or her, is taken for granted and not given any attention. It hurts to see like this. I have made all that is necessary to ensure I don’t get addicted. I don’t have any social media so there’s not much need except wordpress.
        I agree with you on pictures. They speak a lot of words together. I love interacting with you☺️

      • Thanks a million for the lovely support ❤️
        It’s sad and we just need to take a decision to be different that’s it
        I have social media but I hardly open and even if, when I’m with people, I’m really with them
        It’s same here dear always great to interact with you 😊

  11. I’m having the same addiction, i have to fight harder, it is so true, today we live online, we forgot how to have some real good conversation, i think, that technology makes us more cold and more depressed❤️

  12. “How you will see your beloved ones’ eyes, if you’re looking down?” this words made me want to cry already.
    I’m speechless at how perfect this post is. So beautifully written and tragically true. I barely spend any time on Facebook the last months because it eats too much of my time. And I also spend reading blogs one time a day because I want to spend more time with my family. It’s so sad how people don’t seem to realize how much these modern devices slave them. But it’s also probably because they find reality boring and want to live in the fantasy the internet gives.

  13. Wow love this post. Very creative, and very timely. 🙂 🙂 This is true, the rise of social media platforms made people forget that there’s life outside facebook, IG, and the likes. Most of the time I ask myself if I am overindulging to social media, so far the answer is no because most of the time my phone is missing or misplaced. 🙂 Sometimes I will find my phone the next day, and I wont realize it is missing the whole night.

    • First I wish there’s a name or nick name I can address you (please don’t tell me wifeblah) 😌 second it’s so funny that you can lose your phone for the whole night until next day 😊
      Thank you for reading and glad you loved it , I wanted to transmit a powerful message even if harsh , an emotional message so people enjoy the moment and embrace their loved ones while they are here
      Have a great day 😊

      • You can call me AL, I am just responding now cause I’ve been working for the last 2 nights 🙂 Oh yes that is me, once I’m home I usually forgot where my phone is. The way you present the message is very creative girl, I can’t be like you guys, my creativity has limitation, other than setting up a christmas tree, I’m pretty good at making one but that’s all. 🙂 Really good job with this one. I swear.

      • Hope you had some rest AL and all is good 😊 well each person is gifted in something and you have many talents including making videos and many others 😊 don’t limit them to Christmas tree now 😕
        Appreciate your kind words always 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊

      • Thanks Huguette. 🙂 Oh yeah, I’m proud of my Christmas Tree Skills. lol 🙂 Thank you so much for appreciating my videos. I am trying hard. It took me some time to learn Adobe Premiere Pro and edit videos without using mouse. 🙂

      • Yes you should be proud of anything you can do 😊 and not easy at all to learn Adobe and edit videos 👌 keep it up and best of luck 😊

      • Thank you so much. I have a lot of raw footage here with me I just dont have the time to edit them. Cause sometimes it takes time 🙂

  14. WOW!!!! The images work perfectly with this. A WONDERFUL reminder. Thank you. I think you should repost this every few months as a reminder (at least for me, hahaha). I know I need it. Well said, Huguette. Sometimes, it might be hard to hear the truth, but this is one time we all need to hear it. &&&&&

    • I know I was harsh but I’m speaking about true stories here! I know people personally and I see it on daily basis…I’m so glad you loved it and feel free to re-blog it if you want 😊 I’ll post it as you said every now and then hahaha or I’ll come up with something more harsh 😀 😀 I can hit the records sometimes with being rude I guess…Hope you’ll raise your head more often then 🤗 🤗

  15. Pulling no punches as usual Huguette! Really powerful stuff and so true. We’re all walking blindly into our own oblivion. And the irony that I’m reading and replying on a smart phone is not lost on me.
    Technology does have a place but it has become all consuming for a lot of people. Just a way of wasting time. Time that is so precious.
    Those of us of an age to have lived before this time are lucky. I do worry for the younger generations though. It’s not just that they become lost on such devices but also that they are subject to seeing and hearing things before they are developed enough to understand.
    I hope you have been keeping well and enjoying this past few days. Thankfully things are good here today.
    Much love always Huguette 😊❤

    • Good morning Chris, hope you’re having a good day and things are going smoothly and better 🙂
      Thank you so much for taking time to read and for the interaction as usually!
      Yes most of us use the phones to read and reply but the thing is not to be consumed, while you’re out, with people, with friends,…we must use technology very wisely
      This is also another subject of course and very important, that internet is making everything available to everyone and parents should be very aware what their children are searching and how they are receiving certain information before it’s too late
      I’ve been good thank you, I’m glad to hear things are good to you as well
      Much love and support😊❤

  16. You’re not harsh you know how to speak truth which many of the living beings have forgotten.
    We have to understand what we are doing with ourselves. We’re quick in blaming others, but negligent of what we’re doing to destroying ourselves.
    Hats off to you for such a great remainder.

    • Thank you so much for reading and for your valuable comment! Yes unfortunately we are destroying ourselves and our lives
      Your words are highly appreciated 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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