Another Milestone and Another Thank You!

Yesterday I received a notification from WordPress that I have reached 500 followers!
Always happy to witness this blog’s progress and so proud especially that I have zero support from my friends and family and homeland in general, so if I could have random people attention, means I’m doing something right.
Especially that it’s not about the 500 followers but about the number of people that interact on my posts which is my bigger achievement.

Thank you for my loyal readers, the community I created here and it’s growing day after day, some are leaving, new are coming, some are changing but there are always a genuine support and respect and appreciation.  
Your loyalty is much appreciated!

Some April stats:

But I also want to say thank you for the different bloggers I met here:

Thank you for the bloggers that were fascinated by my writings and suddenly they’re not.

Thank you for the bloggers that many of my comments were neglected on their posts but yet they expected me to keep replying their comments.

Thank you for the bloggers that don’t know how to blog, they don’t respect anything or anyone, you taught me a lot!

Thank you for the bloggers that are obsessed with likes and they never read! Well you forced me to do the same until I decided to leave. Or I will very soon.

Thank you for those who once supported me and then they disappeared.

Thank you for those who want only support and fans. They don’t give a shit about you and your writings.

Thank you for those who are here to sell their books and they don’t give a shit about what you write.

Thank you for the bloggers that left for good!

Thank you for the bloggers that disappeared because they’re mixing blogging with relationship! Or they just disappeared.

Thank you for those who kept unfollowing me and following me back, a day will come and you won’t have this privilege believe me.

Thank you for those who made this journey enjoyable and for those who made it bitter, we can always learn something from you.

A final note:

  • If you’re not here to read, don’t follow my blog please, am I putting a damn gun to your head?
  • Blind likes annoy me.
  • You liking my comments made everywhere and the entire time annoy me much more than you ever imagine.
  • You disrespecting my content and my emotional fingerprint is your worst mistake.
  • If I followed you doesn’t mean I don’t know how to unfollow for good. It’s not a Maronite marriage.
    So please leave silently, no offense will be taken.  

Thank you for reading and appreciate all your support and respect so much! ❤

Huguette Antoun – May 15th 2019


  1. Wow Huguette, that’s truly truly amazing! You deserve so much more though 😊
    And no, you’re not holding a gun to my head, I came willingly. I surrender 🙌 (never mind the happy smile) please don’t shoot me! 🔫🔫

    Nah but seriously congrats and waiting for the 1000 milestone! 😊

    • 😁😁 thank you Nour, you made me smile
      Appreciate your kindness and peace ✌️ no shooting 😂
      Thank you 😊 glad to have you in this community 💕

  2. Of course you are putting a gun to our head…otherwise how do you explain 500 followers? 🤔 …..just kidding 🤪🤪 Respect always! But I learned that is not something that people are used to…🙁 Congratulations my dear and I’m really grateful to be part of your community 😉🤗🤗

  3. Hello dear ❤ I am so happy for you , you deserve the best and a million of followers , I hope everyone will get to know how wonderful you are , hard luck for you and wishe you all the best girl 😘😘😘

  4. Congratulations!! I am so proud of you, you are a legit blogger. You are the bomb gurl!! And I’m very happy that I saw your blog, I miss reading bloggers like you. When I started blogging 2009, people blog for THIS!! For what you’re doing – we love writing, and way back then we respect bloggers and we read. Now, people blog because of SEO, because of EBOOKs and the likes. But hey girl, you made it. And I must say this, you’re thank you lines are awesome, you are so funny I swear, made me laugh, but because they are sooo true. Some bloggers are like those IG users, that are soo full of themselves that they are just counting their likes up to the point they are going to do stupid things to get followers. If they suffer from narcissism blogging is not their space. 🙂 Girl soo proud of you, you are awesome!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely words and encouraging comment! 🙂 I’m glad to have you in this community as well! Yes I guess things were different before as many are telling me, I really started blogging at the end of 2018, because before I just created the blog but didin’t blog in 2012. So glad my words are speaking to you and you find them relatable, so glad actually someone is reading not just dropping me this Congratulations word! You are an authentic person, simple and honest and I appreciate this a lot in people ! You are awesome as well and so glad to have you here ❤

      • Gurl come one you know I love your style 🙂 Your progress is really fast if you only started writing end of 2018 and now you have 500 followers, that is totally awesome! this WifeBlah blog was set up 4 years ago, but then I just started writing again last March this year. I am really trying my best to be consistent. Anway, the dropping “Contratulations” if I ever did that, it only means one thing, it does not mean I did not read the blog, but oh boy there’s really nothing I can relate with. 🙂 Especially poetry I will be honest, forgive me I cannot totally understand most of them. 🙂

      • Thank you so much dear 🙂 appreciate the honesty and honestly I didn’t expect this progress but I’m being consistent and I love to take care of my posts so it seems people are liking this and also I just write from the heart and honestly, so that also I guess and so glad you’re enjoying and don’t worry at all, I know what you mean 🙂 and sometimes people have nothing to say so no issue at all 🙂 Yes poetry is not everybody’s taste I know 🙂

      • I love poetry but I don’t have that ability to interpret deep emotions. 🙂 Im soo happy with your success. When you are consistent, people gravitate to you. That’s the thing that I don’t have – consistency, I come and go. 🙂

      • Yes it’s hard sometimes with deep emotions 🙂 it happens I can blog from my work because I’m on the computer the entire day otherwise it would be hard to stay consistent 🙂

      • Oh wow! You know what you have my dream job 🙂 🙂 I can only blog and respond on my day off. I can’t even hardly keep up with facebook. 🙂

  5. Congrats! That was a lot of hilarious thanks! 😂
    And blame Elvis that I can’t say more. His shirt popping open is the only thing I can think off… 😍 😄

  6. First of all it’s great that you have 500 followers, it’s a testament to you 😊 second of all, wowwwwwww, that’s a powerful message to those who just ‘Like’ for the sake of it and who only like just so you like their posts back. In my opinion the majority of people who read your posts do so because you’re an engaging, talented, humorous writer. Well done my favourite Lebanon person 😊

    • Thank you so much John for these lovely words 😊😊 it’s really kind of you to say so! Oh yes I can be a bit tough sometimes 😀 😀 Glad as Lebanese, we sill can be someone’s favorite (from the west I mean) 😊 unlike what your countries consider us, so I’m grateful for your words 😊😊 And happy to have you in this community as well, your kindness and support area always appreciated 😊

  7. Congratulations!!! I wish you much more!!! ❤️by the way i love the moving pictures :)i love your list of thank you😂made me laugh some of them, hahahaha, you know about unfollow somehow, i find out, that i dont follow people, which i’m 100% sure followed back, so i have to follow back again and again if it will ever happen let me know, because it wasn’t my choice❤️

    • Thank you dear 😊❤️ and for being part of this community as well 😊
      Glad you loved it😁 it was a mean list 😎
      I don’t follow all people, some blogs don’t interest me at all
      No you were always there, you didn’t unfollow 😊 appreciate your support always 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊

  8. Congrats dear Huguette. Extremely happy for your success. Nowadays I couldn’t find much time on WordPress. Even though I couldn’t avoid reading your post scrolling back to where I left. The points you wrote directing to the bloggers are also the thoughts in my mind too which I couldn’t compromise writing into beautiful words like what you have done. Again congrats 💕💞

    • Thank you dear Tushara 🙂 appreciate your support and kindness always ❤ I’m glad you agree on my tough points 😀 So glad to have you in this community!
      Left a comment on your last post yesterday don’t know if you got it ❤ Have a great day 😀

      • So glad to hear from you dear. 🥰I saw your comment and had replied but the network was so poor and I think reply or like never got published. Anyway I will see to it & repost my reply. This usually occurs because network in my place is so poor that it posts my like reaction but comments sometimes takes more than a minute to upload and I really feel fedup.😖😖 Sometimes the notification of comments fade with few hours and let me unaware about it. And you know I am a student & the student work is overwhelming. But I will definitely find time to read your post sometimes too late( few days even) after you posted your work. It’s because I like to read it. Definitely a kind of addiction to your writing with apt pictures, gifs & quotes.

      • Oh don’t feel any stress about it 😊 I understand and I mentioned it because WordPress is having many glitches the entire time where comments constantly disappear and bloggers feel they were totally ignored which is not good…But do take your time and finish your duties and when you’re ready, you can be back 😊 so glad you love my posts! each time I want to write a post without all these photos just to gain time, I think how many people are enjoying these posts and then I decide to not make a step backward 😊
        Have a great time and best of luck 😊

      • Yeah, you are absolutely right. WordPress as an app has much to improve. I think it is bit less than user friendly. And awe, it is really pleasing that you are making your posts delicious for readers. That’s too great of you. Your efforts are always rewarded. Much love❤️💖🤩

  9. We both reached this 500 followers milestone in the same week! 😍❤️ Congratulations Huguette, so greatly deserved! Wishing you many more such milestones🤗

  10. Congratulations Huguette🎉🎉🎉 Sorry, I didn’t see this post before, I don’t know what happens, I just don’t get notified! But better late than never, you are an incredible woman and I love you for who you are. This is a milestone and there are many more to come because you are going in leaps and bounds☺️☺️ I am sorry to hear you don’t have support because you deserve it. And all the people you said thanks to, it was worth it😂😂😂

    • Thank you dear Ramyani 😊😊 don’t worry at all, you’re here now and most of all glad to have you in this community and have your genuine admiration and support 🙏🏻it means a lot ♥️
      Well nobody wants to read and certainly not in English if they do so I can’t complain so much I guess 🙂
      Yes this is me being tough and mean 😌oh well hope the message was delivered 😂
      Thank you dear 🙏🏻♥️

  11. YAY!!! That is wonderful. One of my favorite parts of blogging is seeing all the countries that come up on there. It makes me so happy to know my words are carried that far in the world. Good for you Huguette. Love your stories and posts. &&&*&

    • 😀 😀 See all these flags 😊😊 it’s amazing! Even my country flag, don’t know who are the readers from my country actually! secret readers haha
      Thank you so much and glad to see USA flag among the top 10 😊 and so happy you are a part of this community 😊😊 and it’s mutual, love your poems and writings as well 🤗🤗

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