Can You Force Love?

It’s weird and hypocritical that people completely understand when you tell them you don’t like this kind of food, this color, this style, this taste…
How you can’t stand certain scents as most people are for sure!
You might be allergic and have intolerance as well to some food, drinks, scents…Water!
Oh yes WATER “Aquagenic urticaria” can you imagine the disaster? Imagine being allergic to a substance that makes up about 70 percent of the earth and almost as much of our bodies!

Have you heard of Celiac disease? Imagine having children they might die if they eat certain food and you don’t know that!


People are shocked, surprised and judgmental to know that you don’t love this or that person! That you can’t love this or that person…
That you’re just unable to, even if you tried!

So I ask these judgmental people:

Have you tried to eat the food you can’t stand its taste?

The food you’re allergic and intolerant to?

The drink that once poisoned you?

Have you tried to smell this scent that makes you want to throw up or die?

Have you tried to listen to this Music that makes your body irritated as much as our soul!

Have you tried?

How you force someone to love certain people or be close to certain people?

I mean which is more important?

How you assume we’re helpless when allergy is involved but we have a choice when love is?

How you assume and based on what you are judging?

How you assume that what the body choose or reject is more important than what the soul and heart do?


Just asking! And I know you don’t have an answer!

Huguette Antoun – April 21st 2019


  1. Great question. Back in the days of arranged marriages, many said they grew to love each other. I cannot imagine. I would imagine perhaps just as many felt the opposite.

  2. Wow this is such a great thought!💙
    Not liking certain people is not our will… It just happens. We don’t wish to hate people, rather everybody likes to spread happiness, but there are people we just can’t get along with; but these judgemental people don’t understand and also, I’m sure they would also have peers which they don’t like but who looks upon themselves right!!

  3. Bonsoir très chère , j’ai récemment vu une video sur une youtubeuse ayant une allergie à l’eau , c’est vraiment très dur , donc je te rejoins sur ton avis , on peut pas forcé le cœur à accepter ce qui le rend allergique , très bel article as always , bisous et bonne soirée Huguetta 😘

  4. Great thought provoking post Huguette. I did laugh at the certain scents of people.
    It is a mystery why people think love can be turned on like a tap. You either feel it…or you don’t. It can’t be forced. Like another comment says about people in arranged marriages growing to love each other (A small amount of them I would guess) but would they be taking about Pragma love. I can’t imagine you can grow Eros love. It’s either there or not.
    I believe people should be free to make their own choices. Follow their own hearts. The heart wants what it wants after all. Sometimes even in opposition to logic. It can’t be tamed or coerced.
    With that said. Much love to you 😂❤

    • Hello Chris, hope you’re good today 😊 thank you for the interaction and glad you loved it, I wanted it to be tougher but the message was delivered I guess!
      The heart wants what it wants, not only the marriage without love is what I meant, but all kind of love…
      😂😂 I felt the much love was forced here hahaha
      Much love indeed 😊❤️

      • Hi Huguette, yes all good. Hope it’s the same for you 😊
        You wanted it to be tougher? Gees Huguette the only way that could have more impact is if you printed it off and hit someone in the face with it 😂😂
        Oh I get the heart wants what it wants. When I started to write my comment I was looking at the one about arranged marriages and it reminded me there were different kinds of love. So I googled them, found there were more types than I thought. (There’s 7 I think). Then when I was signing off I started overthinking it. I was like I’m signing of on the topic of love by saying ‘much love’, and wondering which of the types that fell into haha
        You can’t force my love Huguette. Isn’t that what you were writing about 😁 You get that freely 😊
        Much love to you haha 😊❤

      • Oh I can do that 🙄 print is on 😂
        Hahahah it was a joke!!! You did a research OMG😂
        Thank you Chris for the love giving freely 😁
        Much love to you as well (freely) hahah

      • Haha oh silly me 😂😂 Obviously I’m awake but my mind hasn’t caught up yet haha
        Research? Yes haha I’m glad I did. I knew about Agape and Eros love but then found out there was another suitable term. This is what I mean about thought provoking haha it’s not a platitude.
        Haha free love. Are we suddenly Hippies? 😂😂
        Much love to you 😊❤

      • It’s so simple love is love this is what I wanted to say 😊 but glad to always have new information 😂 hippies? Hahah maybe, what’s wrong with hippies? 🙄🙄
        Glad it wasn’t a platitude though 😌
        Much love to you 😊❤️ have some tea Chris haha

      • Well I think it should be simple. You either feel it or you don’t. Damn psychologists haha
        Nothing wrong with hippies at all. When I had long hair I was forever being called one haha That or Jesus 😂
        Have some tea? Haha just about to make my 3rd cup 😁 I imagine the coffee is going down equally as quick if not more so 😂😂
        Much love always Huguette 😊❤

      • Jesus hahah yes here also they call them so 😌😌
        Oh yes had my whole Rakwa and I could assume it’s not your first cup hahaha
        Will catch you later will be driving for some time
        Much love to you ❤️😊

      • Haha Speed and Coffee demon. I suppose they go hand in hand 😁
        Enjoying my day here. Hope it’s the same for you.
        Just wondering was song is being played on repeat today haha
        Much love to you 😊❤

      • 😁😁 seems they do hahah
        Great you’re enjoying your day, I’m with my friends we watched Game Of Thrones second episode and chilling out
        Today I was so focusing on the road lot of idiots so kept the radio to surprise me hahah
        Much love to you as well 😊❤️

      • Ah good. Getting some chill time with your friends and watching one of your favourite shows. What more could you ask for?!
        Glad you made it there in one piece 😊 especially with all the idiots on the road 😂😂
        Driving in your country sounds interesting to say the least haha
        Oh I struggle with the radio. Too much crap to listen to before a good song comes on. That’s what it’s like here anyway.
        You can tell your friends your Irish buddy says hello and I expect you all to call each other many names 😂😂 The true sign of friendship haha
        Much love back at you 😊❤

      • You should thank my mother’s prayers, they start the moment I get inside the car 😊
        Well this holiday was awful, storm, rain and couldn’t do anything so we waited for today to watch the show and have some chill time 😊 oh nothing to ask except more time for my blog haha
        Hahha oh yes I will and no need to tell me I always call them names as they do 😂😂

      • Smart woman 😁 At least they’re working 😊 My mum light’s a candle when she’s worried about something.
        That’s crazy. I thought the Middle East was meant to be a mostly sunny place. Least it gives you an excuse to watch a good show.
        Haha there can never be enough time for blogging. Would do it all day if I had the chance.
        Glad to hear it 😂😂 Hope you give better than you get (which I’m sure you do) 😂😂

      • Thanks God they’re working!
        Well they said in the news that this weather didn’t happen in like 100 years! April is summer for us so it’s totally new what we’re experiencing! Gladly this week starting tomorrow it will be a spring weather around 24c and so
        Hahaha surely I do! They were decent before knowing me 😂😂

      • Ha ha Amen to that!
        So it is crazy weather then. The world’s gone upside down. We’re normally the country with crap weather. Not complaining mind you 😁
        Hahaha So you’re the chief corruptor then 😂😂 Your poor friends 😂😂

      • Haha of course. I believe you 😂😂
        Damn WordPress won’t let me answer your driving comment. I even had to approve it! What’s that about? You were approved ages ago. And I had just written the usual length of comment. 😡
        I’m working my way through your comments.
        Thank you. Going there now then 😊

      • I can really understand your frustration now. Kept telling me I couldn’t comment on a draft.
        So annoying writing something to have it just disappear.
        Basically it was this. Holy crap. Drivers in your country as crazy as your weather. Glad you’re ok 😂😂
        Had to Google 120km. It’s about 80mph here. Was expecting worse 😂😂

      • With shitty economy car it’s good I reach 150km without losing control 😁 speed limit is between 80 and 100 km on highway
        Oh yes they are bunch of bastards😂
        WordPress always know how to piss me off 😌😌

      • Haha I’m sure you’ve pushed it to the limit 🚗💯
        It’s worse when you’re paying for it. For some reason the emojis at the end of your last sentence made me laugh. So innocent looking but with all kinds of hell ready to be unleashed. Do they not know how dangerous it is to piss you off 😂😂

      • 😂😂you read it right
        WordPress effect 😁
        Oh yes it’s sad I always pay for it!
        Now I’m going to wish you a good night and catch you later
        Much love to you ❤️😊

      • I pay for it too! It takes more money from me than it gives back 😂😂
        Haha WordPress effect. Get that in the urban dictionary.
        “When you get pissed of due to faulty platforms” – WordPress effect 😂😂
        No worries. Going to bed very soon. Back to work tomorrow.
        Goodnight Huguette. Much love always 😊❤

      • Of course it does 😂 few cents! Damn hahha
        😂😂😂great translation! Add it to google hahhaha
        Hope your day will be productive and goo
        Have a great day and much love 😊❤️

      • Haha yes, I’m rolling in the cash. Be able to quit my job soon 😂😂
        Well it’s a very real effect haha. After talking to you I noticed a good few comments were the same. Thankfully ones I had already replied too. But still 😡 WordPress need to sort their shit out.
        Productive. But not for me. Won’t be back on here until later. I’m working today. But at least I get paid for it 😂😂
        A still in bed sleeping. The temptation to go back to bed is very great. Think the dark side is tempting me haha
        Great day to you too Huguette!
        Much love 😊❤

      • Oh yes me too I;m quitting my job! I;m very rich now 😂😂 Mother of cents!
        I don’t know who are the geniuses behind this site!! :/
        Well productive but not here, as you said a job you’re paid for hahhaa 😂 Not freeeeee
        This temptation is forever I guess, I never jumped from bed with enthusiasm , I actually don’t know how it feels! haha
        Have a great day and much love 😊❤

      • ‘Mother of cents’ 😂😂 Was just thinking a beggar makes more than us 😂😂
        I don’t know who they are either…But I know they are definitely rich haha
        There will come a day that will be us too 😁 Was looking into the things financially successful blogs do. Very interesting. Will try and email you later.
        The jumping out of bed bit actually made me spit my tea out with laughter 😂😂😂 ‘Don’t know how it feels’ 😂😂😂
        Right. I really have to go here. I’ve done nothing but drink tea and sit on my phone since I got up. Yes, I’m going to work…But it would help if I actually got dressed first! Haha Slow going I tell you. Slllooowww hahaha
        Great day to you too Huguette. Hopefully catch you later.
        Much love always 😊😊❤

      • beggar is richer! Oh that’s for sure dear Chris 😂😂😂 ‘ Here the beggars have villas and houses while I can’t buy a window 😂😂😂 ‘
        Yes send me how I become rich, I’m a hopeless case, I don’t like money, I spend it all hahaa
        Slow motion scene of Chris going to work 😂😂 this is funny
        have a great day and and will catch you later 😊❤

      • 😂😂 They’re doing better than the ones we have here. They just get picked up in Mercedes cars 😂😂
        ‘Can’t by a window’ 😂😂 We’re in the wrong profession haha
        Don’t know how much help I’ll be. I spend it too 🙄
        It felt like I was in slow motion all day. Hard to get going again after a break haha
        I see you’ve been productive 😁 Looking forward to a good read later.
        Hope your day went well 😊❤

      • Oh yes certainly they are 😂 Mercedes is cheap, they have 4×4 cars 😂
        I guess saving money needs some stingy skills and I don’t have it 😌
        It was a slow day at work so I could do one post from comments and other nomination then instead of working out I just slept 😕 not so productive after all
        Hope you had a great day 😊❤️

      • Haha You know more about cars than I do 😁 Which is nothing beyond what colour they are haha
        Haha 😌 that wee emoji suits you so well.
        That sounds like a great day at work! 😂
        Skipping workouts again tsk tsk
        Well you must have needed that sleep after all your WordPress work 😁
        I just got a notification saying I’ve had a spike in traffic?! Dunno what that’s about.
        Oh I checked my riches earlier. It’s up to 0.16£ haha be able to buy a bar of chocolate in a few months 😂😂
        Day was good after work. Did a workout haha
        Wrote a bit of a post. Looked into improving my blog. Happy enough 😁
        Hope you enjoyed your day anyway 😊❤

      • 😌😌😌😌 Guess it will hhahaa
        Well here in Lebanon, people love to have the best cars even if they don’t have enough to eat hahaa we have 4×4 cars more than we have people
        I hate to sleep this time! I wasted my time and now it’s midnight! I’m pissed to be honest but let’s hope I’ll manage better tomorrow
        what’t that? spike in traffic!
        mine is 0 today and the best shot was 0.02$ oh we certainly need months to buy some decent chocolate 😂😂
        Great day then! Good job 😊 more improvement is always good and looking forward to reading the new post 😊

      • Haha oh people love their 4×4s here too. Even though they’re completely unnecessary haha
        It’s crazy that people value their status symbols over food. It’s all about the appearance. Sad really.
        If you’re pissed let it out. Go break something or punch someone haha
        And I don’t think getting 2 posts today was wasted time. Go easy on yourself.
        Yeah. Dunno what’s happened. Have to do some investigating.
        Haha good job we’re not hungry 😂😂
        The post is a bit dull. Just about the books that have helped me. Wasn’t feeling the inspiration today.
        Don’t know if this is the last comment but I’ll say goodnight anyway just in case.
        Much love Huguette ❤❤

      • Good morning Chris, hope you’re good today 😊😊
        Yes many people care about appearances, here this is so common actually!
        Well believe it or not I just wanted to sleep 🙂 didn’t want to smash or break haha
        Well I do not like skipping the workout thing at all, I made lot of efforts to make it a habit you see? I hate sport! Anyway I will manage, and I’ll stop complaining haha
        Oh yes we’ll become beggars if wordpress was our income source 😂😂
        Nothing is dull Chris! What’s wrong with books that inspire us? Don’t say that, you tee must go easy on yourself 😊
        Will check other comments now 😊

      • Oh there’s people like that here too. Driving big cars, living in big houses, that they’ve gone into debt to get. Quite sad really.
        Haha wanting to sleep and not getting it is the thing that can make me really irritated. Glad nothing got broken then 😁
        Oh I totally understand about the efforts needed to build that habit. Especially when exercising is so boring. I don’t mind when I’m hitting things though. Could do that all day 😂😂
        Am sure you’ll get back on track. And sometimes a bit of complaining is necessary haha
        In regards to the ‘dull’ post. It’s up now. You’ll see what I mean. Just not my usual level of passion and depth I think. Well, you can judge for yourself haha
        Have a few minutes here so I might get another comment answered haha 😊❤

      • They are everywhere certainly but our society is becoming more an more shallow! Sadly!
        hahaha I get you, but in my case I couldn’t but sleep! with all my clothes and shoes hahaha
        Yes today i did this hour despite the interruptions, I did it! It helps me get back to track after the holidays and non-stop eating 😂
        Yes I saw it and stop calling it dull Chris 😡 this face is scary hahaha It’s not dull okay? (be being nice)
        And give each day it’s time, some days we feel regular, some other days more passion and motivation…
        Let’s check another comment 😊❤

      • Sadly is right. I do think because of the rise of social media people think their image is more important than depth and character.
        Clothes and shoes still on!! Haha
        Glad you got back into your exercise. That’s great 💪 It’s a pain but feels so good after.
        Not the scary face 😂😂 Going to have nightmares now haha
        I hate regular days. They’re the hardest to deal with. I like to be fired up and ready to rock haha
        Might be the last comment so goodnight/morning haha
        Much love to you Huguette 😊❤

      • oh another comment hahaha I guess this is something for lazy people hahaa Yes you must be scared a bit hahaha so you don’t call your work dull
        Well hope you’ll have more irregular days then 😊😊 some people can’t stand the routine and stuff (I tend more to love the routine)
        seems not the last comment haha checking 😊

      • Got time for a quick reply 😊
        Oh it’s just something I say when I’m tired.
        Haha 😳 Ok, not going to use the ‘dull ‘ word again. Don’t fancy getting beat up today 😂😂
        Oh I like routine. Was talking about a feeling really. When things are a bit ‘meh’. If that makes sense.
        Came into work today a bit grumpy. It’s ok now though. I told my mates. Got the usual response…Much laughter and taking the piss haha
        It soon disappeared after that haha
        Hope your day is going well.
        Our sunshine is gone. Knowing this country we probably won’t see it again for months haha
        Much love to you Huguette 😊❤

      • Oh great hahah you sneaked from work to reply 😂 where’s the manager? 😂
        Yes makes sense of course, this feeling is not cool
        Hahah no one takes our shit seriously but good laughter us always good 😁
        Hope the grumpy mood is better though 😌
        Ohh we stole your sun this time 😊finally it’s a real spring weather
        Will catch you later I guess 👍😊much love to you 😊❤️

      • Haha manager was away. Otherwise I would have been hiding in the toilet cubicle 😂😂
        Gees, where to start. Had a quick look at your post. Heavy stuff. Very powerful. Will give it my undivided attention soon as I can.
        Grumpy mood lifted but to be honest it’s been a weird one today. A is really happy his mum’s about more but I’m finding it a bit trying. Willing to put up with it for him but, ye know, ex-wife and all.
        Then found out my blog was listed on Yahoo news. Don’t know how that happened. Would explain the increased visitors though. Someone did give a suggestion on improving the layout. Have to figure out how to do that.
        Really am all over the place today but just in my head.
        On another note…you’ve stolen our sun!!!
        If you don’t mind I’d like it back please haha
        Hope your day has went well Huguette 😊
        Much love to you 😊❤

      • firstly nope! the sun will remain here 🙄🙄
        You’re on yahoo news?? This is great actually and your manager doesn’t know you’re blogging???😂😂
        Hope you will like it when you read it, it was triggered yesterday, like those posts that popped out suddenly, I believe they’re the best
        Glad A is happy so this is a good reason to make an effort I guess..
        Improving the layout? is it the entire theme or what exactly?
        Glad to know you’re less grumpy, hope the evening will be better. Much love to you 😊 ❤

      • Why did I think you’d say that 😂😂
        What if I said pretty please…I’ll be your best friend haha
        He might if he reads the newspapers. As long as I’m not posting while in work like some people. Ahem 🤫
        Oh they are the best. Always filled with passion and feeling. It comes across in the writing. Unfortunately I may not get reading tonight but plans have changed for tomorrow. Going to my hometown on Sunday instead. So I’ll make time in the morning. I have it saved. From what I’ve seen I know it’s going to be a great read.
        A being happy is something that has to override my wee annoyances. Times like that I just have to suck it up.
        The layout. The person said it was very text heavy and that access to posts was limited. Much research needed tomorrow I think.
        Hope you’ve had a good evening yourself. Sorry I missed catching you ‘live’
        Much love Huguette 😊❤

      • Of course you knew I’ll never give it back 😂😂 the sun is kidnapped until further notice 🌞🌞🌞🌞
        What you said your work name again?? 🤓🤓
        Don’t worry and whenever you find time you will read the posts that interest you so no stress at all 👍
        Yes yes the layout, some blogs annoy me actually, where to click and so but he meant yours needs more life and stuff
        Will check other comments 😊

      • I think we’re going to get into a fight about this sun thing. Don’t make me come over there 😂😂
        My work is just a little family run factory that makes airplane seats. Nothing to exciting but they are very flexible with hours so it’s ok for now. They’re actually very supportive of my single parenting duties.
        Oh I’m really looking forward to your first post. I want quiet time for it as I know it’s going to be a very good read.
        I think you’re right. Really need to improve my skills in that department.
        I.e. actually get some haha

      • 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ enough said haha
        This question means I will contact your manager and snitch on you 😂😂but thanks for the info though haha
        Thank you for the kindness Chris, glad you like my posts and enjoy them 😊😊
        Well we’re constant learners, what we knew about blogging few months ago?
        You’re active I see haha
        I will start my good nights 😊❤️

      • You’re evil. How could you do that to me 😂😂 I hope it rains tomorrow 😂😂
        Ah right. Sure I never use my phone at work. Not me. No way haha
        If that’s the case where do you work then? Just curious. Not going to do anything 🤥
        That’s a fair point. I knew absolutely nothing haha
        The other day someone was asking me about coding. Today was about getting on Yahoo. Both times all I could say was I had no idea 😂😂
        Start your goodnights?! There’s going to be more than one haha
        Can’t blame you. I should be in bed myself. A should have been in bed an hour ago haha
        Goodnight Huguette. Sweet dreams 😊❤

      • Nope, no rain 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ 😁😁
        Hahaha Nice emoji I certainly believe you 😂
        Oh yes I should sleep so good night and sweet dreams 😊❤️

      • Evil, I say, eeeevvvviiiillll.
        That was a very trustworthy emoji. Do you think I was lying 😂😂
        Yes, you may sleep before you wake up with your clothes on again haha
        Sweet dreams ❤

      • Oh yes I am ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞
        Very trustworthy his nose crossed the sea😂😂😂
        Hope you’re having a good morning 😊

      • Hahaha I can’t even see the sun because of rain clouds this morning.
        GIVE IT BACK! Come on. You get lots anyway 🙏
        That’s a big nose haha
        Hope you’re having a good morning too 😊❤

  5. Hi Huguette! I probably shouldn’t offer an opinion but it seems to me that forced love is not love at all. It’s impossible to force something like that, it just wouldn’t be real, more like an outward show that is plain meaningless. My 5 cents worth, we don’t have pennies here, otherwise it should be 2 cents worth!

  6. I completely agree. It’s annoying. I remember when my husband was wooing me, everyone (especially my family) keep pushing me to accept him. Saying things like “okay so he’s a lot older, but look, his handsome and financially stable. What are you still looking for?” Ah… to fell in love? What they don’t understand is that the more they pushed me the thicker I build the walls around me.

    While girls tried to be my friend and whenever they got a chance tried to seduce him. When it doesn’t work they go back to me and say why don’t you just tell him to go to me?

    Ah, hello? It isn’t that simple you know. He’s in love with me, it won’t go away just cause I tell him to go over there.

    Ugh. Thank goodness he was patient enough to wait more than two years for me. haha

    Side note: Oh my god water allergy makes diabetes sounds like heaven.

  7. We seriously cannot force someone to love us, this is saddening because we do not have some people in our lives that we wished we had, but we learn to live without them. We ourselves do not realise it when we depart from someone else’s life against their wishes.

  8. I remember how I was forced to go on a date with my well meaning family, aunties in particular. Went. Hated it. Had a migraine. Many months later, I tried again, it was much better. The thing is my mind was closed off initially.
    Sadly there are some obnoxious toxic people out there, some are best held at a distance if not at all.

  9. I couldn’t agree more Huguette !😊
    You can force someone to eat something or drink something, maybe force (mainly torture ) someone to speak something but love is one thing you cannot force someone to do. That’s one thing no one has control on. Forget about forcing someone else, I don’t think we can force ourselves to fall in love with someone. Or can we?😕
    Some people are like those bad scents which gives you headache even from distance. I’m not sure, how can I love headache? Some people just don’t understand that!

    • Thank you dear Swastik for the lovely interaction 😊hope you had a great weekend 😊
      Can you force someone to eat something if they are allergic? Nope you can’t
      Nothing should be forced but I have chosen this comparison to show people how stupid they are sometimes!
      I agree with the headache thing 💯 but let me tell you a saying I love so much: “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches”
      Check this old post for me:
      Thank you dear 😊
      Lots of love to you ❤️

      • Oh dear, I never intended to say that anyone should be forced to eat something or should be forced to do anything. I’m totally against it! All I meant was that it still can be a possibility (like I once read that there used to a prison, I hope not anymore, where prisoners were forced to eat their own faeces). But forcing someone to love someone is not even possible. That’s it!😅

        I love that quote!❤ It truly summaries the essence of the post you mentioned above. That was a really nice and insightful conversation you had with your friend! 😊
        I look forward to having many insightful conversations with you😄

        Good night and sweetest dreams to you😴
        Lots and lots of love to you too Huguette 💖💕

      • I know you didn’t mean that just saying that sometimes you force someone (which is feasible) but they turned out to be allergic and die
        Of course what you mentioned is beyond awful and happening of course along with more awful things
        Thank you for reading the other conversation because it’s the same subject along with this quote 😊 glad you loved it and it’s always insightful to have any interaction with you 😊😊
        Good night and sweet dreams to you and lots of love as well 💕💕😊😊

  10. A sensitive point but very true! There are too many judgemental people in this world but you know what? I don’t care. As even if I try to be “better” in their opinion is still not enough. They can judge as they please. Nobody can force me! 😊💕

    • You go girl hahah 😁thank you dear Ribana for reading and for such inspiring comment as usually 😊💕 well even God couldn’t please the entire humanity so why would we even try? 🙄
      Have a great day 😊💕

  11. I have an answer 🤔 there are people who do everything to shape and shape your lifestyle in the way that they conviennent😱 but they have forgotten that tastes and colors do not need disputer🙈🙉🙊 thanks for this relevant article.

  12. Hello Huguette, i wrote comment here yesterday and i can’t see it anymore, so i just write it again, i was saying, that I’m allergic to Trump and i can’t help it😂, no one can be forced to love anyone, i dont have answer as well, but i go by heart, because my brain things to much..You should see music video By Pink, please dont leave me, your post remembered me about it❤️

  13. Hey Huguette. I just found your post and it got me thinking. You know, here in India, we have the concept called arranged marriage and people say it’s love after marriage, like many people even don’t know each other. What if they hate each other, if they come to know how each one is?
    We can’t force love, not even ourselves. I agree with you🙂

    • Thank you for reading and for your contribution dear Ramyani 😊
      Believe me you don’t want to hear my opinion about the arranged marriages or anything that is arranged at all 😊
      Appreciate sharing your country experience 👍😊

  14. Seriously! I don’t know how people get themselves to judge other people and fail to acknowledge the fact that all of us our different and have unique journeys! It’s high time that we stop being judgmental as a society! Great post!

  15. No, you can never force love. But you can become love. And once you become love : love is all you see 😊❤️
    You may like to read my blog : Love is a One Way Street

  16. First and foremost, Lovely post! No you can’t force love, but you can choose to accept and also tolerate. Thats the option our mind gives us over our heart. Diseases and allergies are those of which we can’t help or fight against our body for! But say it’s our religion or how we were raised not accept let’s say homosexuality.. that is something that was in a way originally forced. So i believe you can come out of that! If i make any sense lol basically amazing comparison but in a way contradicting.

    • Thank you for stopping by and for the valuable interaction
      Accept and tolerate is different than being with someone you have no feelings for your entire life
      Sorry you lost me about religion and homosexuality, didn’t get your point
      And also if you can explain why it’s contradicting so I can clarify
      Thank you again for your time

  17. Very true and very great comparison that strongly gets the point across! Really liked this! Keep it up!🖤

  18. I suppose it would be easier to stay single, but when you know the feeling of love would you really want to live without it? Though I question whether or not the love is forced when the person chooses to stay.

    • I guess being single or in relationship has nothing to do with the feeling of love! Many couples don’t know what love is as many single people have experienced true love. As for your question, well the people that decide to stay in a relationship, no are not forced, but being with someone doesn’t mean you love them, some people stay together a life time and there’s no love, I’m speaking about the feeling of love that you can’t force yourself to feel or you force others to feel it.
      Thank you for reading

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