Game Of Thrones – The Eighth & Final Season – April 14th 2019

This Sunday, April 14th 2019, the eighth and final season of Game Of Thrones will premiere!

There will be 6 episodes and that’s it, the end of this amazing series!
Many people didn’t watch it and always brag that they are from the few people that didn’t watch Game Of Thrones, and they are totally free;
I didn’t watch it either before the six seasons were ended.
But in this case, when a series is really successful and phenomenal, I believe people should at least watch out of curiosity (personal opinion).

So any Game of Thrones fans out there? How excited you are?
If so, let’s have some chat 🙂

Where you’ll watch the premiere? And with whom?

Any predictions for the ending?

Who are your favorite character / house?

Do you think your favorite character will die?

How much you think Got is similar to our life?

Please share your thoughts and enjoy the weekend! 🙂

Huguette Antoun – April 12th 2019


  1. I’ve never watched it ha ha 😜 But I don’t make a big deal about that either.
    Don’t watch much tv these days anyway though.
    No long comment on this one hahaha
    Much love Huguette 😊

  2. I’ll watch the premiere by myself: I live in Italy, here it is set to air on monday 15 at 3am, when all my friends and family will already have gone to sleep…
    My favorite character is Samwell Tarly. I don’t think he will die: he should be the one who will tell the whole story, George R.R. Martin’s alter-ego 🙂

    Je verrai la première tout seul: je vis en Italie, la diffusion est prévue pour le lundi 15 à 3 heures du matin, heure à laquelle tous mes amis et ma famille se seront déjà endormis…
    Mon personnage préféré est Samwell Tarly. Je ne pense pas qu’il mourra: il devrait être celui qui racontera toute l’histoire, l’alter-ego de George R.R. Martin 🙂

    • Thank you for reading and for your interaction! Sam telling the story is one of the spoilers 🙂 hope you will enjoy it 😊
      I speak both languages but I will use the English for now 🙂

  3. Coucou Huguette , je sais pas comment j’ai survécu à une année sans GOT , je comptais les jours pour l’arrivée de cette dernière saison, je suis plus que impatiente de la voir , je vais voir le premier épisode dans ma maison le même jour de la sortie , en streaming avec mon chéri , j’aime les Stark ” the north remember” favorite caracter the dwarf “Tyrion “, je veut vraiment qu’il meurt! ohhh je suis tellement excitée de savoir qu’on partage le même amour pour GOT !!

    • Salut Souad 😊 j’espère vous allez bien! Ahh je déteste attendre! Moi aussi je comptais les jours! Mais nooo si Tyrion est mort je voulais être vraiment déçu ☹️
      J’aime Tyrion, Arya et maison Stark 🐺🐺🐺 Winter is coming 😊 on partage presque le même amour 😌 enjoy it!!
      Bonne soirée

      • bonsoir Huguette , je voulais que j’aimerai pas voir Tyrion mourir , c’est mon préféré , j’aime aussi Arya ” the girl has a name” , bonne soirée à vous également 😘

      • Bonjour Souad, désolée j’ai compris le contraire hahaa Tyrion is love ❤
        « The girl is Arya Stark and I’m going home »😎😎 j’espère qu’elle va tuer Cercei
        Moi je peux pas voir l’épisode avant Lundi:/ A bientôt et passez une bonne journée, 🥰😊

  4. It’s not that I have no interest. Rather I have no time to watch TV. After 2003, TV got boring for me. The first time I heard about Game of Thrones, I thought it was a video game hahaha 😂 I never paid attention to it all. When I realized that it was a series, I no longer have the TV and internet connection was limited. I’ll probably give it a chance when we get a broadband connection.

    • Oh yes I can understand! you think I watch TV? oh no, we just download it from Internet and watch it later hahah all piracy here! I hate TV, I just like movies and series and I love to watch them when I want and I hate waiting 🙂 I’m so bad at waiting, like kids hahaha
      Well for 6 years I didn’t care about GOT, all at work are watching and I couldn’t care less then suddenly I had lot of time so I took them on USB from a friend and watched 6 seasons in one week 😂😂 Oh yes this is how I do it, just before season 7 started
      so basically I only waited 1 year for season 8
      Thank you Jess for stopping by, always glad to chat chat with you ❤

      • Binge watching! Now I definitely need a broadband and see GOT. Back when I had TV, we bought a recorder. While we was in Spain I set it to record the entire season of Charmed because I got hooked on the first two episodes. When we returned to Norway I binge watch so much I did nothing more than toilet break. Back then I only have myself to think about so it was easy to binge anything. haha 😀
        I always have fun chatting with you Huguetta ❤ (or should I say Ingrid?) Old joke I know 😊

      • I must watch charmed,don’t have time for TV so I buy the entire seasons, here we have big shops only to sell you piracy DVDs hahhah
        Yes when we’re alone (gladly I am) it’s easier to do what we want
        jokes are never old 😊😊 and it’s fun indeed to chat with you and wish you a great day ahead ❤

    • hahah Well when you have time, give it a try since it’s over now so you don’t need to wait 🙂 maybe you’ll love it and maybe not, many of my friends don’t watch it and many did but stopped, they didn’t like it
      Thank you so much for stopping by ❤

  5. Okay so the moment I saw GOT title I got EXCITED! But I wasn’t sure whether I should open it or not🤔 Why? What if it has some spoilers? 😂 From past couple of months, I’m intentionally avoid reading anything about GOT, even crazy fan theories😂 But then I was like, Huguette cannot do this to us😜 so with one hand on my heart, I opened it!
    I will be watching premiere all by myself because no one in my family watches it and my friends (who watch it) are either in different state or in totally different time zone😅
    Even I started watching GOT after 6th season. By then it was so famous, I was curious to see what the fuss is all about🤨 Oh there’s another reason! Someone said to me that GOT is something my soft heart cannot watch. There’s too much violence, politics and blood wars which my weak heart cannot handle it. Is it so? I need to see it for myself. I guess I’m actually stronger than people think I am. 😂
    I love Arya and Tyrion💕 I’m really excited to see how their journey goes. I know there are speculations it’s not going to end well. But I seriously want these speculation turn out to be wrong😁
    Until then, *fingers crossed *🤞

    • Come on Swastik! I wouldn’t do that to people! Spoilers??
      You want some? Hahahaha 😂😂
      I read many spoilers but I don’t care, I mean the writers already disappointed us many times hahah they killed people that are still alive in the damn story! 😒😒
      I will watch it on Monday for an example and many love to spoil on Sunday but I don’t really care hahah I still enjoy!
      People exaggerate! They haven’t probably watched a movie for Steven Segal or the series of the movie : SAW hahahhah come on! Blood? 😁😁
      Yes I know that we love the same characters and I’m more excited! But I don’t expect happy ending even for my characters, the writers are really being assassins, after Ned Stark beheading and the Red Wedding, I expect everything from these schmucks hahha Hope you will enjoy Swastik ❤ will stay in touch! Hope you’re having a great weekend 😊😊😊❤❤

  6. I know you wouldn’t do that, that’s why I opened it 😅 No spoilers please😂
    I will also watch it on Monday. I have waited for a whole year, I guess, I can wait for few more hours for the pirated version 😂😂
    Well, I don’t watch horror movies ( a big NO NO to them) and don’t like action movies as well. My favourite genre is drama and romcom. And I still love to watch Disney movies. So I guess, maybe this was the reason people thought that I won’t be able to handle GOT. But I always love the idea of no being what people expect me to be. 😄 And after watching GOT I had the same feeling…that exaggerated it. Anyways, I loved it so much that I too watched all 6 seasons in one week. 😅
    I love happy endings but I know this is a show from which you shouldn’t expect anything. And don’t get me started on Ned Stark beheading and red wedding ( my heart skipped a beat each time 😱)
    I guess, I’ll have to wait for Monday to finally see what’s in store for this season😅
    I’m having a wonderful weekend and I hope you’re having an amazing weekend too😊

    • Not a fan of horror movies as well, good action is not bad but still prefer drama, romantic comedy just like you is my favorite, Sci Fi and heroes (Superman was my first love hahaa) …But what I meant is for those who told you lot of blood! Not too much! Just little and some few heads hahaha 😂😂I love Disney as well and often people judge those who are soft and dreamers, they don’t know that they always have another side I guess and judging is often wrong as I believe! Oh my this Joffrey, I thought he died so fast the cunt! He should have suffered more! OMG hahha I cried like babies when Ned Stark died and the red wedding (don’t tell anyone) 😄
      My weekend is great as well, was running with my little brother, he dragged me away from the laptop so happy to hear that yours is great as well so we’ll speak on Monday about the premiere hahah whenever you want to chat you can send me an email on ❤❤😊

      • Blood? Not too much! Just little and few heads. So true😂 hahaha 😂😂
        When Joffrey died, I thought he cannot have such an easy death, maybe they will show some twist. I couldn’t believe that was it!
        Happy to hear you’re having great weekend too. Your little brother took to run with him. Wow! My little brother asked me yesterday to skip my yoga class and eat pizza with him. 😂 which I didn’t agree to do😄

        Oh, we will have lots to talk about premiere on Monday! Hahaha 😂

      • 😂😂😂
        Hope you’re good today ❤
        Damn I hated Joffrey, I wanted him to suffer so much! hahah
        Well my brother would drag me also to eat pizza or burger only if it’s his cheating day😂😂 otherwise a strict diet and special food, he’s a personal trainer! Glad you didn’t agree, go girl hahah
        Oh yes until Monday then 😊❤

  7. Believe it or not dear Huguette, I did not see not even 1 episode 😳 Everybody is talking about it so I believe it’s nice to see but….hmmm….maybe I should find some time for it too 😊 Have a great Sunday!

    • Hello Ribana, hope you’re having a great Sunday 😊 I do believe it haha many didn’t and many don’t like Tv anyway
      I took them on USB after the six seasons were finished and watch them all in one week 😁 I’m not patient and hate waiting
      Have a great day as well ❤️

  8. Oh wow. Am I only one of the few people on this earth who hasnt even started watching Season 1? 😦 I have Season 1-4 on my external drive but havent got around watching it:(((((

    • hahaha There are many not only you 🙂 Now you can take your time and watch them when you want, it’s the final season so no rush 🙂
      it’s time consuming! I know!😣😣

      • I want Season 6 to be finished before I’ll start watching everything inorder not to have any lag time. One of my hobbies is binging on dramas (kdramas mostly) but I will catch up on this show!

      • you mean season 8 🙂
        Season 8 with end in 1 month, but I’m sure there are lot of others series! No clue about the Kdramas but many series on my list! too little time, too much to do and watch haha!

      • Oh yes Season 8. I can wait. I’ll just make sure to stay away from spoilers. There are alot of nice series out there. Especially on netflix. I’m a kdrama addict. SO if you wanna star.. just give me a genre and ill give you a starter pack. 🙂 There is always time for movies/shows. I study better and focus better if I watch movies. hahahah i think my brain is programmed differently.

      • Oh this is great! I love movies too and always find time to watch them 🙂 hahaha probably I will give a look on the Kdramas, who knows 😊

  9. I started watching it after the third season. I was surprised with the strong story line and acting. The series has held its own. The actors put so much energy into each character.

    It’s fitting that it’s ending on a high note. So many shows run until the networks tell them to stop. I’m always impressed when a show ends on its own.

    • Sorry the reply was lost in SPAM folder
      Thank you for reading and for the interaction! I agree, lot of effort and energy and good acting.
      This show is certainly special and not like any other show! Hope you enjoyed the first episode

  10. I love GOT, we always watch it all together as a family, even my son who lives with his family comes over to watch with us. I love it because it is about good and evil but it shows that just because you are good doesn’t mean you always win and vice verse, life is often unfair and there is no rhyme or reason why things happen as they do. I suspect we will lose many favourite characters in the final few episodes, as we already have, but I would hate to see Tyrion die because for me he has developed the most complex character traits of all the Lannisters, my favourite house by far. I’d also like to see Jamie and Brianne survive and have pretty blonde offspring 😂

    • Thank you so much for reasons and for your sweet interaction 😊
      Oh well I watch it with my friends and you’re right about the main message of good and evil and good doesn’t always win, as a Stark lover I certainly learned my lesson the hard way 🙂
      I love Tyrion so much, favorite character along with Arya, never loved Lannister House but Jaime from the characters you hate and then you love and I ship him and Brienne even though Tormund is so cool hahaa 😁
      Appreciate your contribution and let’s hope the last 3 episodes will be great despite the ending 👍😊

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