What Are You Grateful For?

I’m grateful I’m alive; we bury thousands every day!

I’m grateful for my good health; it’s a huge blessing and a golden crown that only people with diseases can see.

I’m grateful all my senses are perfect; I can taste this coffee and enjoy its smell! I can enjoy the lovely scents that mean a lot to me!

I’m grateful for the lovely weather today; I’m enjoying the warm sun and feeling its heat

I’m grateful I can breathe and enjoy the breeze; it’s a great sensation!

I’m grateful for the way I look; I’m not Angelina Jolie but I love the way I look 🙂

I’m grateful for my work and income; many dream of what I have!

I’m grateful my family and siblings are good; and hope they will always be!

I’m grateful for the many friends I have; especially my close and loyal friends, you are awesome even if I hardly say it but I always show it.  

I’m grateful I can write and express myself very well; I met people that struggle to say one word and they often fail.

I’m grateful for the time I have to think and write; many don’t have this privilege!  

I’m grateful for my space and my independence; one of my dreams in life has been fulfilled!  

I’m grateful for my freedom; although it’s a “work in progress”, my freedom and uniqueness are a role model for many people in my country and abroad to look up to.

I’m grateful for my will; life has knocked me down many times and I always get up stronger and I’m standing still!

I’m grateful for my empathy and compassion; I can feel others pain and struggle and try to help as much as I can.

I’m grateful for my big and stubborn heart; no matter how hurt it is, it stills loving and compassionate and generous.

I’m grateful I’m able to apply self-criticism; it allows me to acknowledge my mistakes and failures, to stay humble, it allows the positive change and improvement.  

I’m grateful for the difficulties that occurred in my life, they taught me to be stronger, to be innovative and creative.

I’m grateful for the mean people and the bitchy attitude; it showed me how ugly I might look if I act the same!

I’m grateful for everything positive or negative because they are both essentials so we can know the difference, learn and appreciate what we have.

What are you grateful for?

This post was inspired by an amazing blog: from a loving place: Rachael Wolff

Huguette Antoun – March 20th 2019


  1. I’m grateful for you to have written this post. This is because in this fast pace and competitive world, we tend to forget what all we have and have acknowledged. With this post of yours, one can learn to appreciate even the most insignificant moment or thing that one has encountered in this course of lifetime which they actually never took into consideration so seriously.
    One gets sympathetic when they see someone devoid of something but never thanks the almighty to have been blessed with the same.
    One will be able to cherish everything good or bad if he or she has a pure mind and soul.

    • Thank you Priya! Nice of you 🙂
      Indeed, we take for granted all what we have, this is why we should slow down a bit and enjoy these blessings! Glad my post was inspiring and motivating to practice gratitude, mission accomplished then 🙂
      Thank you for taking time to read and appreciate, I’m grateful to have people like you as well, that read my thoughts and take time to interact 🙂 This is also another blessing ❤

      • Well I was inspired by the blog I mentioned at the end of my post, and I found myself appreciating everything, even though I always try to remind myself but I focused more and I realized that there are many blessings….my health, my senses, my work, all what I mentioned in the post is reflecting what I felt

      • Have you noticed how a deep depression can reduce the range of emotions you are able to feel to perhaps four or five? Maybe even less for some people.

        My forties were in most ways the darkest years of my life. I could only emotions like anger, fear, sorrow, etc. Then I began to recover.

        One night I was crossing a road when I suddenly realized I was feeling gratitude. For the first time in over a decade, I was feeling a “new” emotion. That was when I at last knew I was going to make it back to life.

      • Yes I have noticed because I experienced all these feelings and much more but at certain point you become convinced that it doesn’t help and you should do something about it and keeping faith and positive attitude is the only way…sometimes you need professional help and it’s necessary
        Glad you make it back to life…thank you for sharing this

  2. Yes Hug! Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions! We should always be grateful to others and HIM for even the smallest things and gesture.
    I loved your thoughts Hug And hv crush on you!

  3. I am really grateful that I got to read this today. Thank you. Once a while, we should just stop being negative and look around to see the beauty around us. If one thing is not right, there are thousands of other things which are right. We all should be grateful we are alive truly, beautifully penned. Love this 😊

    • Thank you Ramyani! Grateful for this lovely interaction 😊 I’m glad this post had this impact as I wanted it to be
      Yes sure we should focus on all what we have and we embrace them
      And Ramyani, you should really stop those unhappy endings 😂
      Thank you 🙏🏻

  4. Amen. Thanks the universe for letting all of us alive and meet here on WP and let the smiles be on all ones face and peace in mind. Appreciate the best of everything and God provide. Cheers. 🌷 ✨ 🌷

  5. Another amazing post Huhuetta! 👏 Loved it❤️ Gratitude and optimism are two great forces, I strongly believe in. I have seen my live change from the day I started practicing gratitude. As I always say, gratitude is quickest way to feel happy and content in life. I’m grateful that I met you on this wonderful platform. Meeting people with same mindset as you is rare😊

    • Thank you so much for the lovely words 😊 (what’s your name if I might ask?)
      I’m glad we’re on the same page! Always happy to meet like-minded people, it’s the purpose of starting blogging 😊
      Optimism and gratitude are 2 great forces 👍👍 well said!
      Grateful to meet you as well, it’s a pleasure and always happy to see you here 😊❤️

      • It’s Swastik 😁 By the way, I find your name very intriguing. I would really love to know what it means and how do you pronounce it ( sorry, I still don’t know how you pronounce it😅).
        I’m new to blogging and I’m loving the whole experience of it. I think one of the nicest things about blogging is the part that serendipity plays in connecting you with your kind of people.😊 I never thought I would meet like minded people, when I first started blogging. Now, I’m glad I did 😊

      • Nice to know you Swastik, it’s an original name! What’s the meaning?
        Oh thank you 😊 nice of you! My name is Huguette, it’s a French name and it means Intelligence
        You pronounce it like Uget (the U is french pronunciation and the H is silent) hope it helps haha
        Same here, I consider my self so new and it’s great to communicate with people from different places and perspectives and mostly like-minded people, it’s indeed a great experience 😊

      • Swastik in sanskrit means pure and auspicious. My parents came up with this name after a lot of hit and trial. There’s a funny story behind it. At starting my parents thought of a different name but my relatives and family friends found it difficult to pronounce. Everyone had their own funny version of my name. So my parents decided go with ‘swastik’ because here in India, swastik is very scared part of hindu culture (and my mom is very religious person😅). They thought this is the best name for me as people know how to pronounce it and won’t make fun of it. Little did they realise that first question some of the people would ask me is…your name represent Nazi symbol. Right? Are you a fan of Hitler? That’s what I call, IRONY! Hahaha 😂
        But I love my name. It’s unique and different. Just like yours. 😊

      • Oh this is funny hahah thank you for this nice information 🙂 but I’m curious this one is easy to pronounce? 😀
        Nazi symbol OMG I can imagine! Yes it’s something like Swastika or so! Damn their efforts were not really fruitful 😀 just kidding, it’s a nice and unique name indeed! And thank you for the nice words as well 🙂

  6. Aujourd’hui j’ai demandé à mon mari “how was your day” il me dit “well, I had a day as against not having a day” 😊 And then I read this! …. Sure, life is to be grateful for!

    • Thank you so much for reading and for the nice and encouraging words 🙂 Grateful as well for all the fellow inspiring bloggers like you 😊 Thank you for stopping by and for all the inspiring posts

  7. It’s quite unfunny that I saw this earlier when I was feeling anything but grateful. Despite trying to be.
    I am really glad you posted this Huguette 🙂
    It was actually one of the things that helped me through my day. You helped me without even knowing it!
    Much love to you 🙏

    • Good morning Chris, well it’s great to hear that! I’m happy this post helped you through the day 😊 It’s more that anyone can ask from posting something and wishing someone is really listening!
      Somedays we all experience such low energy and we need lot of efforts to keep it up, I was myself inspired by the blog I mentioned at the end of my post and found myself taking many things for granted
      My pleasure (tekram)
      Much love to you as well 🙂

      • Sabah al Khir Huguette.
        Oh am sure there are plenty of people who hear what you say/write 🙂
        Yes, we must take our hope and inspiration from wherever we can find it. Little reminders are always good to keep us on track.
        I had a late night so I’m writing this with tea in hand…looking like a panda 🐼 ha ha
        Hope your day treats you well. Much love as always 🙂

      • Sabah el kheir Chris, and hope you’re better today
        Been reading your post and I will leave a comment 😊
        Reminders and positivity will always help even in the darkest moments
        Well didn’t have a good sleep so I’m struggling with my day and preparing a new post with my eyes closed hahha panda is cute actually 😊
        All is good thank you, hope you’re doing well and better as well 😊

      • Feeling much better thank you Huguette 😊
        Oh no. You are feeling the tiredness today also?! Least the eyes closed bit is more literal than figurative 🙂
        Good luck with the new post!
        Glad all is well with you.
        Will get to your other comment later. School and work are waiting..
        Take care Huguette xo

      • Oh yes poor sleep, literal it sis! But I’m a fighter so not an issue at all haha
        Best of luck and hope this day will bring you good and peaceful moments!
        Take care too 🙂

  8. Wow. We have too many things that we should we grateful for rather than complaining what we don’t have.
    Thanks for such a wonderful post. I am now going to think all the things I am grateful for😊

  9. your gratefulness is truly motivating because of the level of contentment I can sense in each item.

    Personally, I am grateful for being created and having an immortal essence that will live forever in the hereafter, no matter whether I am currently rich or not, currently handsome or not, currently eyeless or not, currently a world leader or not, currently affluent or not, etc, etc, etc—and the list could go on and on and on…

    • My pleasure, and thank you for the nice words! Yes we should appreciate everything we have
      One should be grateful of whom they are and what they have, and if problems occurred, everything happens for a very good reason so we must remain grateful
      Have a good day

  10. Beautiful post! I’m grateful for who I am today, I’m grateful that I’m alive, healthy, I’m grateful that I can enjoy this beautiful world along my best friend and husband…so many things to be grateful for…💕💕 wonderful! Thank you 😊

    • Thank you! Grateful for your interaction as well and happy this post spoke to you 🙂 enjoy all your blessings and the world as well
      Have a great day 💕 😊

  11. What a great post, don’t know how I missed this… 🤔
    I’m grateful for a lot of the same things as you… I’m especially grateful for my families health & happiness… ❤💕

  12. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday who recently had major surgery and I mentioned my neighbour who was told a couple of days ago that she has only has three months left to live. You can have all the troubles in the world until you compare them to the problems of other people, then your own problems become insignificant. Gratitude arrives when consideration and compassion for others appears.

    • Hello Ronnie, glad to see you here! Thank you for reading and interacting
      This is extremely hard, I can imagine your friend’s neighbor situation or maybe I can’t…May She has the courage and faith to face such hard fact.. This is why I wrote this post, I saw and see people with deadly diseases, suffering with cancer, dying…blind people, people with special needs and they can still smile so I felt really ashamed for the moments I’m not appreciating what I have!
      My prayers with you and your friend’s neighbor 🙏🏻

      • Thank you, Huguetta.

        Just to clarify was I was saying, my friend whom I saw yesterday had emergency abdominal surgery recently and although his health has been improving, his future outlook is not particularly favourable at the moment.

        I was telling him about my neighbour, who had major surgery last year for cancer, being told a few days ago that she had three months to live. She had been doing well and was led to believe that she was going to be alright, until very recently.

        Both of those examples remind me of what I have to be grateful for. When I read your post about waking up with shrapnel next to you when you were a child, my gratitude was reinforced.

      • Thank you Ronnie for clarifying.
        It’s always when we see other’s problems and pain, we are more grateful of what we have especially good health certainly.
        Thank you for reading the other post! We’ve been through a lot yes, civil wars and conflicts…I’m glad my post has reinforced your gratitude, wars are really destructive and ugly
        Appreciate your interaction so much!

  13. I’m grateful for reading and enjoying this post =) your answers are simple, raw, and honest it shows us that joy in life exist in smallest, simplest things in life. I’m currently unemployed, so things aren’t the greatest for me now but that doesn’t stop me for being grateful for many things, Mostly I’m grateful for my health (we take our health for granted), my parents are healthy and alive (cannot imagine my life without them), I still have a roof above my head and food on my plate.
    Your post reminds of an old post of mine I posted years ago https://voyageroffreedom.wordpress.com/2016/01/18/im-grateful/

    • Thank you Nadine for reading and your great interaction 🙂 Oh yes when you think about it for a while, this is what you have! I sat and I was like OMG I have many many things to be grateful for! And then this post came just as they crossed my mind them without any editing! Glad you loved it, and checking your post 🙂

      • I really believe that gratitude can make a big difference in your mindset. We take for granted things that “default” to us, but when we open our eyes and start appreciate what around us we realize we are very blessed. The joy in life lies in appreciating small things in our life. Thank you for reading ❤

      • I can’t agree more! Nothing ever should be considered as “default” hope people will start realizing this!
        Thank you again for the valuable interaction ❤

  14. I know this is short but…. I am grateful for being given a chance to be grateful.

    I dont know it makes sense butttt it basically sums up what i am grateful for 🙂

  15. Huguetta, I’m grateful that I just happened to stumble upon your blog one day and then that you left me the link to this post. Wonderful reflections and visuals! Many more blessings to you!

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