Feelings are fingerprints

Many people will write the same style as you or way better than you! Wide vocabulary, brilliant metaphors, sea of information, lot of knowledge and professionalism… But no one on earth will have the same exact feelings as you!
So just write what you feel and you’ll always be unique!  

Huguette Antoun – February 26th 2019


  1. “No one on earth will have the same exact feelings as you!
    So just write what you feel and you’ll always be unique!”


    Hug… (inserting charming blinks) can I please get your permission to find an image of this and share it on my blog? You’ll be credited as the quote author of course and link to this post.

    • I knew that you will love everything related to feelings hahaha not when I rant ans shout 😀
      Sure whatever you want my dear 🙂 Thank you for reading! I’m humbled already that you think my work wroth to be shared on your blog ❤

      • Oh, so many other of your post is worth sharing outside your blog 😀 I also love your rants but I guess I gravitate toward this kind of feelings for myself hehehe
        Thanks for the permission! ❤

      • Thank you dear Jess ❤ Feel free to share whatever you want and didn’t forget about your book, finding time soon!
        I know you’re a hopeless romantic 🙂 I’m more passionate than romantic 😊

      • Hm… you’ve given me a distraction! Haha 😀 I searched “Romantic vs Passionate” and ended up reading all over places outside my favorite blogs. Now I have little time to read. Why is it so easy for me to get distracted? 😭

      • oh wow!! would love to know the results briefly 😀 what you got??? Oh Jess you’re a hopeless case 😂 but hey having new information is not distraction at all! I mean it’s cool that now you know the difference right? 😉

      • I got everywhere and it’s a bit to much to summaries hahaha 😀
        But this happen to me all the time. Ex. I will search an info for a sickness or recipes for my book or blog post… 2 hours later and I’m half-way done watching a 1/2 hour movie about cats or something that have nothing to do with what I started searching. Sigh. Yeah I’m a hopeless case 😥

      • hahahahah Okay you didn’t provide any useful information here :/ I hope you didn’t end up watching porn then hahahahahha😂😂 I mean the topic is hot 😂😂😂 OMG! You are a hopeless case

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