Answers… And you can imagine the questions

  • Actually I’m very modest, I’m just not interested. You must start tell the difference.
  • I’m not heartless, I do have a very tender heart, but it doesn’t take my opinion when attracted to someone, we don’t get to choose whom we love.
  • Well I did the craziest things you can imagine when I cared; I’m cold because I just don’t care!
  • My heart has been broken many times; you don’t need to wish me this! I just know that it’s a part of having a wild and crazy heart…and I just move on.
  • I do cry, some nights were so rough that I felt I won’t see the dawn but I make sure when I wake up, to wipe my tears, to smile because life goes on. 
  • I don’t reveal my points of weaknesses …not because I’m ashamed, just because I don’t respect someone trying to reach me through my weaknesses, I prefer fighters and strong people.
  • I don’t work at all when ignored, probably teenagers do. I just retreat and stop trying.

H.A – February 12th 2019


    • Thank you for reading and for your interaction 🙂 These answers are addressed to an admirer or maybe more that want you force you to care about them and they insist sometimes…
      Probably life made me a bit firm and cold, but what I meant here, that I just don’t care about this specific person, I’m not cold all the times 🙂

  1. you’re a really interesting lady. and well, intriguing. you seem romantic yet shy. so wise, yet childish. you i guess, are simply beautiful. hoping you’re well and smiling.

    with love

    • Thank you so much for taking time and reading and for the nice interaction! Appreciate your kind words as well! I’m doing well, thank you hope you’re good too 🙂

      • that’s absolutely fine. i did like reading you. are you rather shy at first? you do feel like someone who is really romantic and loves love. although i didnt see you write a lot of love, but one can still tell 🙂

      • well, i dont really assume. i just express, what i feel. and well, you did feel romantic, so i said it. apart from this, i also feel pain in you that you seem to hide. that’s why i thought, i’d stop by and just tell you that it’d get better. you’re a sweet lady. i wish you all the best.

        with love

      • yes, everyone does feel pain. but i just like any other being, dont like to see beautiful ladies such as you upset. or in pain. umm i’m right here if you someday need someone to talk to. 🙂 that’s why, i asked you, if you were shy. :))

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