Why Lebanon is special? 2/2

Lebanon is proud of its rich culture, from prehistoric times, Phoenicians, Romans, Ottomans and French, this small country has seen a myriad of human activity. This crowded history has left its markings littered all over Lebanon and in its people. Lebanon is a truly diverse country with varying religions, lifestyles and even genetics.

Lebanon is the most religiously diverse country in the Middle East.
We have 18 recognized religious sects. The Muslim are around 54% (27% Sunni 27% Shia), Christian 40.5% (includes 21% Maronite Catholic, 8% Greek Orthodox, 5% Melkite Catholic, 1% Protestant 5.5% other Christian), Druze 5.6%, very small numbers of Jews, Baha’is, Buddhists, Hindus & Mormons.

Christians Maronite were the largest sect, this is why they were allocated the highest and most powerful position of “President of the Republic” but the number decreased due to the multiple migrations but they still have this mentioned position.
Religion and government in Lebanon are deeply and formally intertwined, the relative proportions of the country’s religious communities is a highly sensitive matter…The president is Christian Maronite, the prime minister is Muslim Sunni, the Speaker of the Parliament is Muslim Shiite.

Walking around, you witness veiled and unveiled women walking together the entire time, Church beside the mosque, Muslims and Christians altogether visiting Christmas trees and enjoying Christmas ornaments during Christmas season, as you can see Christians joining their Muslim friends for Ramadan’s Iftar. This is how we live in general. You can always find fanaticism and racism but I believe this is exists in the most so-called civilized countries in the world!

For a small country, Lebanon has been a source of a staggering amount of artists, thinkers and curators of culture. From writers and poets like Gibran Khalil Gibran, Said Akl,  May Ziadeh…to musicians  and music composers: Al Rahbani family, Fairuz, Sabah, Wadih El Safi, Marcel Khalife…and directors like Nadine Labaki…the Lebanese have produced countless artists that made their country very proud.

We have the best nightlife in the entire region, the best night clubs and pubs, best mixed drinks and high level of security and respect. Also the Lebanese nights at Lebanese restaurants are a total new level of awesomeness, fun and creativity! Our native folk dance is the “Dabke”. When Lebanese dance “Dabke”, they take the party or the wedding to a whole new level of excitement and joy!

We have the most beautiful and trendy women and good looking men as well! Lebanese women take a lot of care in their looks, yet that doesn’t mean that they are shallow and superficial. In fact, they are smart and are able to achieve and to inspire.

The Lebanese people love life despite all what they went through. Civil wars and conflicts and assassinations and economic crisis, we are survivals! We love life! You will notice that everyone smiles despite everything! We learned that life goes on, no matter how hard it gets.

We are proud of our tradition of hospitality, we are very hospitable people and in our culture it’s an honor to have a guest in our home. Guests are generally served tea or coffee immediately. Good manners dictate that such offers are accepted; otherwise it will be an insult. All Lebanese houses make “Turkish Coffee”, it’s the origin, but we call it “Lebanese Coffee” and we have mastered it! You’ll not taste the same even in Turkey (I’ve been there and I can tell)

Lebanon is among the oldest sites of wine production in the world! We have the tastiest wine and there is lot of competition and wineries. Yesterday I had the chance to attend a wine tasting for a new winery: RIACHY Vineyards, a very well educated and professional man: Mr. Imad Riachy, expert in wine making, he did researches about Lebanese wine and the entire region and he’s making a great and tasty wine. (@riachyvineyards)

The most common Lebanese drink in Lebanese restaurants is “Arak”, it’s a transparent drink made of grapes and anise and it becomes white when you mix it with water.


Lebanese hotels are another successful story, luxury, comfort, professionalism and great service! I remember when we had a guest from Switzerland, we had a conference in a very famous hotel in the heart of Beirut, and he was fascinated by the luxury and service. We were so proud!

We have the best resorts and beaches in summer as we have the best Ski resorts in winter! The coastline in Lebanon alternates from sandy to rocky beaches, offering an interesting variety of terrain and seaside activities we have parasailing, paragliding, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, swimming, hiking in the beautiful mountains, horse riding; all the activities you seek are available! Many destinations that are worth a visit!

We have the city life and we have the mountains life! We have 4 seasons and moderate climate. The mountains are not so far from the beach, sometimes it’s 20 minutes’ drive and sometimes up to one hour. Most Lebanese have 2 houses, one in the city and one in the mountains to spend the summer.

“Cedar” the famous tree, mentioned in the bible, from which the Phoenicians built their fleet, is a source of pride for the Lebanese. The Cedar, as a symbol of eternal life, is on the country’s flag and is located in one of its most visited sites in Bcharre in north Lebanon. We call it “El Arz”. And also in south Lebanon, Al Shouf.
We have beautiful landscapes and villages as well

Mostly, we are proud because this is our only country! Even though many Lebanese have double nationalities but still this is our country, our home despite all the flaws and problems.
We are proud, because we are all this and we have all this despite the political issues, corruption, conflicts, foreign intervention, plots  and  schemes…
This is why we are so proud that we are “Lebanese”.

What are your thoughts about Lebanon? Love to hear your opinions!

H.A – February 9th 2019


  1. I’m certainly in awe with your country. ‘Vibrant’ is the world that comes to my mind if I had to describe it in one word. You have shown me a completely different aspect of this beautiful country which I was unaware of (and probably wouldn’t have known otherwise).

    Here in India, we celebrate our secularism and Lebanon seems to be just as diverse. And that combination of mountains & beaches – well, we can finally put that argument to rest. Why have one when you can have both 🙂 Thank you so much for telling us all these things about Lebanon!

    • I’m really delighted that I could show you the hidden side of our country! I liked the word “Vibrant”, it’s so accurate 👍🙂 I heard a lot about India as well, but I would love to see it through its citizens eyes not the Indian movies or news…I’m sure it’s a great country as well 😊
      Thank you for taking time to read and interact as well 😊

      • You’re truly welcome! Yes our country is amazing! The multi-dimensioanl spectrum you would witness here is unparalleled. Have you watched any of the Indian movies? Though I have no current plan to write a specific post about our wonderful country (I’m sure there are countless other posts) yet if you would like to know anything, feel free to ask anytime 🙂

      • I’m sure India is amazing, I heard it is from some Lebanese that visited it
        Well yes, we have channels that broadcast Indian movies but I don’t usually watch, sometimes accidentally, let’s say not my favorite movies 🙂 sure will check your posts and if I have questions concerning India will definitely ask 😊
        Thanks again for reading and communicating

  2. Wow the sites are breath taking. Nature has so much to offer there. And it was all captured beautifully.

    I’m in awe also with the diversity of the different religious secs. It’s great the many people practice different religions and they still respect each other 😊

    Thank you again for sharing your beautiful country. I enjoyed it very much 😊

    • I’m glad that you loved Lebanon, this is really a very small part especially our villages, our culture and nature, I would never give it enough justice 😊
      Diversity is a blessing, it turned to a curse during war but I kept it positive here and also because I’m the one of people that live like that and I have friends from different religions, best friends actually 🙂

      Thank you for taking time and checking this post 😊

  3. Amazing post….
    It bring back my memories travelling there to few places long back, places like Beirut Saída, Zahle, Nabatiye……. 💖 It’s amazing to see the places and learn through history Pages. Good and bad days people get more seasoned and matured to handle situations. Wishing this beautiful country a good time and peace ✌️. Long live the smile and happiness.

    Wonderful post and I loved it.



    • Thank you so much for reading and the lovely interaction 😊 I’m so glad you’ve been in our country and you love it! Yes Zahle and Saida and Nabatiyeh and many other villages and cities…I need more than 2 posts but I wanted to deliver a certain message and I’m happy to succeed!
      Happy you loved the post as well! Thank you so much for your time and contribution 😊

  4. Beautiful post. You are right to be proud of your country; it’s inspiring. I live in a city that is known for being racially and culturally diverse, but wow, not so much as Lebanon!
    Every single place in the world, no matter how small, has its good sides and its bad sides. You’ll always find people willing to trample on other people. But this show of heart and strength shows that good will always triumph. 💖

    • Thank you so much for reading and glad you loved our country through this post Hope one day you will visit it as well 🙂
      Yes each place is unique and has its good and bad sides, would love to know about your city as well! I love to focus on the positive and I’m sure as you said that good will always triumph 🙂

      • I’d love to visit one day, it’s on my list! There’s a lot that’s great about England, it is rich with history both popular and lesser known and it has some of the most beautiful places around. The city I live in, however, is not that great. I’ve always lived in the countryside so whenever I’ve had to go into my city it’s always felt cold and unfriendly, and very crowded. It’s not a terrible place to live but I definitely want to move further north one day.

      • Hope you will then 🙂
        I love England and I love to visit it someday as well, of course England has a wide history and culture! I even don’t know how to distinguish the United Kingdom from England from Great Britain haha some people think it’s all the same 🙂
        I don’t like cold and unfriendly and crowded but all the good work is centered in the city here so we must live in it! I love the countryside, the green, the calm which I enjoy mostly during the weekend
        Hope you will move to the north then and you’ll feel more comfortable 🙂 Thank you again for your lovely interaction!

  5. I never knew so much about Lebanon till I read your blog. I can sense the love and the pride you have for your nation and it is so beautiful. I am from India and I love it despite its imperfections and flaws. Btw, even in India we have a saying ‘Athiti Devo Bhav’ which means Guests are like God, hence they are treated like one,

    • Thank you for taking time and reading 😊 I’m glad the post was informative! Yes I am proud because as I mentioned, we are all this despite the wars and problems! I lived war and I had dark days and I’m still positive and I love life like many Lebanese here…
      I loved this saying, so you treat guests the same way we do 😊 I heard that India is a very beautiful country hope I will be able to visit it one day 😊 of course no country is perfect, in my post I was positive despite all the flaws and imperfections! But we take the whole package when it comes to love! And country love is so important…
      Thanks again for this lovely interaction

  6. I love Lebanon more and more now. Long since included in my bucket list. And I do have a few Lebanese friends in U.A.E( I have been practicing in U.A.E since the last 12 years). 🙂 🙂

  7. Wow! I loved this series! Learnt so much and absolutely enjoyed reading! 😊
    You gave us such a detailed and well written account of the social, religious and political dynamic of Lebanon! It’s so fascinating to see such unity in such a diverse country!😊
    Reading about the hotels, night life and food, I was already so tempted to visit and that increased in folds when you mentioned hiking and mountains! I love hiking and now I am totally thinking about visiting!😃😃😊💕
    I agree! Lebanon has given us great and so many highly respected artists!
    Thank you so much for sharing this! I could sense the lively spirit of the country across my screen! I hope that peace too gets restored in the wonderful country!😊💕

  8. 18 recognized religious sects and still you all live in harmony…it is really incredible! I wish I could speak so nice about my country! Thank you Huguette! Coffee for me please 🙂
    You are very right! No Google or Wikipedia can tell you better than a Lebanese how Lebanon is. I learn a lot of this beautiful country and its people! You’re right to be proud!

    • Oh yes and this is double-edge sword actually because they used this to keep us fighting for a very long time but without politics and schemes we live together in harmony😊
      If you check my phone today you’ll see how we share our occasions (eid al fitr is today and some are celebrating tomorrow) and same for all occasions 😊
      Best Lebanese coffee for you! You’ll not love American coffee after it 😁
      Nope google and Wikipedia will not tell you all this and there’s much more of course and I do appreciate your amazing words and support 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊 I just wish the passport was better 😁😁😁😁
      Have a great day ( the time you read this it will be your day beginning ❤️🤗)

      • Politics in my opinion are always trying to put us against each other…I’m glad to hear that some countries can still manage to live in harmony despite all…😊
        I never liked American coffee, I’m with George Clooney and What else 🤪😊 to not forget my husband is Italian 😉💕
        Yes, morning for me already, I’m glad is holiday today and I can rest and enjoy it a little bit 🤪🌸🌷
        Wish you a lovely day and wonderful celebrations with family and friends 🥳🌸🌷🤗

      • Politics and these big countries who keep ruining the world under the pretext of saving it!
        I keep forgetting haha don’t worry here almost every office has an espresso machine, I made personally many orders for Ristretto Intenso, Decaffeinato and other capsules 😊😊
        Enjoy your day and today must be with friends and anyway I just woke up haha 😁🤗💕

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