Unrequited Love

Loving or caring for someone that doesn’t even know you exist, is same as spending days preparing a very wide variety from delicious food and desserts…without having a single guest!

Photo Credit:
Artist Diana Nicholette Jeon

H.A – January 23rd 2019


      • I know you don’t 🙂 what I meant that if I want to publish this subject, I have plenty! I can always translate but to be honest, I prefer not to 🙂 what’s your mother language by the way?

      • There are some lines or phrases that are not meant to be translated in my opinion. Sometimes the meaning tends to be distorted little bit if you do. So i feel the same way you do.

        My country’s official language is Filipino/ Tagalog but the official dialect spoken where in live in is Bisaya. But I’m most comfortable with English because its the language used in my school during my formative years.

      • I agree, I think that feelings cannot be translated without using its essence….How you feel them just write them…
        It’s good to know languages and dialects 🙂 I heard of Filipino but not the rest..
        I feel that most people are comfortable with English and probably to communicate with more people worldwide…I mean imagine if you’ll speak Bisaya and I’ll speak Arabic 🙂

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