We give our attention, love, devotion or support…sometimes our all,  to people that eventually use us and hurt us deeply….That when we meet people that deserve our devotion, love and support, we are too broken, too afraid to even look at them! And this so unfair for them and for us…

H.A – Written in December 2018


  1. This is so true. Why is it that we often invest our time and efforts with the wrong people? But yet again it’s all about bouncing back and trying once again no matter how unfair it seems.

    • Good morning Eva, thank you for reading and taking time to comment 🙂 Well it’s just this moment you have when you are really afraid to even look but yes I agree that we should keep trying I will publish today something about never give up and how I see things…Have a good day! (or Night :))

  2. It seems you have gone through so much in your life. Pl learn to enjoy the journey and not the destination!
    Love and hug!

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