Random Thoughts

When you have something, you cannot imagine what it’s like to not have it unless you lost it at some point, so it’s useless to keep thinking that this person is so lucky, they have family, they have money, they have health…how they can’t see how lucky they are! These people don’t know what you’re talking about unless they lose some of the things they took for granted even if they didn’t have any bad intention they just don’t know what it’s like to be otherwise! A beautiful girl, rich and loved by her family will never understand what it’s like to be not so pretty, or poor, or not well surrounded or loved…it’s the only reality she knows, until something happens and her reality changes or collapse, then or she begins to understand or she just falls apart for good….

So when I look at people that were born in respectful civilized countries where applicable laws rule over….living in healthy environment, having their basic rights and respect and education and so….I wonder why would they be unhappy or miserable? I walk in the streets, I feel stressed and unhappy, I drive I lose my mind and many times so nearly my life! I’m struggling for my basic rights and I have none! Family and love, well no comment!
Then I realize how wrong I am, because these people don’t know what the hell I’m talking about but they still can be unhappy and depressed for other reasons, maybe they will look stupid to me but for them they are as bigger as my problems and maybe worse because these are the only problems they know! So I stop envying them and I go back to my life in order to manage how I will live it and be happy despite everything

Written in October 2018


  1. Bravo ✌️ Brilliant share! Powerful and soothingly written, deep thoughts and happy living gems… great share my friend 💐 Have a great day ☕ keep blogging and keep inspiring with your beautiful precious blog🌿🍀💖

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and for the uplifting and encouraging words! It’s much appreciated! I just translate my feelings in writing and I’m really glad I’m reaching and inspiring as well 🙂 Thanks again and same words go to you and the deep poems you are writing 👍👍😊

  2. Ah exactly. I see why you directed me here now. Seems you were thinking those thoughts months before I was hahaha
    Everyone lives in their own world. Will have problems regardless of how good their life looks to others. At least you have the wisdom to see that.
    Much love to you Huguette. Hope you’re day has continued to go well 😊😊

    • Yes I was sitting and thinking of some people in a very respectful European country, I was saying why would they be unhappy? and then suddenly I criticized myself and this post was out, so I shut my mouth about it hahah
      thank you for reading 😊

  3. One of the things I like most about blogging is connecting with people from other countries, and finding out for myself how they live, and how they feel. I think your blog tells me more about Lebanon than a newspaper ever will.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you so much! Appreciate your kind words 😊 from mobile I can’t check from where you are if I may?
      Interaction is the gist of blogging as I believe and it’s the best part! So glad to see you here and hope to see you more often
      PS: never trust the newspaper and I know what I’m saying 🙂
      Have a great time

      • I’m from the UK 🙂
        I will add you to my Feedly Blog Reader. I don’t use the WordPress Reader so much because I have a lot of friends who use Blogger, and Feedly covers both platforms; I will be reading you with interest!
        Take care, m’dear!

      • Nice to know you 😊 don’t know how the blogs can work together actually but will follow you here to be able to read since I don’t have another platform
        Thank you for considering my content worth reading, it’s appreciated 😊 take care too and have a great afternoon

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