Whatever you do in life, whether you learn something new every year, you have BA, master, many certificates and high level educations, buy new stuff, buy branded clothes, hi-tech electronics and stuff, whether you are super smart and beautiful…You will find that someone else just did it, or someone is better than you or like you….someone has invented things you thought about, opened businesses you wanted to have, you feel that there is a lot of everything, too much competition, too much information, too much things…you feel that your ideas or feelings are outdated, you are so left behind, many have been there, did what you wanted to do….there is too much of everything….except kindness, it is so so few… being kind and nice will always be creative! And it’s never outdated.

Just be kind and expect nothing in return…

When I go back and remember all the people that were in my life, that never forget about me despite the distance and time….I find only one reason: I was nice! They didn’t care if I was smart, and I wasn’t rich nor famous…I had nothing to give…but I was kind! Something I lost maybe years later, I’ve become more rigid and intimidating…because I couldn’t handle the heavy burden of being alone in a world full of hatred, hypocrisy and fake people…I was standing alone and I felt a huge responsibility, a lot of pressure! I wasn’t that strong so I just fell apart, the storm was huge and everybody ran away…and few have the guts to get close to me since…

But when I sit alone, I miss the old nice me, I miss the kind person that was simply kind without expectations or limitations…that didn’t care what people might think or might take advantage of….and these people couldn’t forget me! Like ever…

I changed many lives by just being kind, it wasn’t easy but I let go of all the judgment, expectations and even misuse and exploitation of some people.   I just let go because I know that only buy forgiving and letting go, you change people lives even if you are not part of it. And this is the hardest part…

Be kind and expect nothing in return. Life in 6 words but it will take you a life time to realize that! And probably you will never do!  

Written in September 2018


  1. yeah… I can be kind and expect nothing in return, the problem is sometimes I try to be kind and I don’t receive “nothing” in return, I receive shit thrown to my face. In this case, a war broke. And hey, can you blame me?

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