Casual Conversation

Friend: look at me; is there something wrong with me? Why …doesn’t care? Doesn’t love me! Am I that bad?
Me: what’s wrong with God?
Friend: what’s wrong with God? God is perfect! What are you saying!
Me: Still, there are millions and maybe more that attack God, not only do not love him, you seem surprised!
Friend: yes yes I know…just confused!
Me: we call them atheists and they are free
Friend: yes right but what do you mean! Why you’re mentioning God and atheists?
Me: I mean you can be more than perfect but you can’t force love and admiration! It’s irrelevant!
Friend: Even if I made lot of efforts and didn’t give up at all!?
Me: well it’s like taking someone to the best steak house in town but they are Vegetarians! Or Vegans…
Eternal Silence
Me: what about those who are chasing you and you’re ignoring them? Why you don’t give them a chance? What’s wrong with them?
Friend: I’m not interested! They mean nothing to me!
Me: Really? You got your answer then
Friend: damn you’re so rude!
Me: Yes, truth is rude dear but I love it
Friend: I don’t! But I do appreciate your honesty so much! Now I have many things to re-consider even if I will not admit
Me: it’s enough to admit to yourself….fair enough…

Written in November 2018



  1. Reblogged this on Huguette Antoun and commented:

    Today is a low energy day, I’m not in the mood to even think, I feel down and I’m hardly reading some posts. So I decided to re-blog something old, the time I didn’t have lot of followers. Hope you will like it.
    Have a nice day!

    • Never mind a low energy day,Hug! Its normal! It happens with everybody from time to time!

      You are God’s child and you will see tomarrow a day full of energy!
      Give me your feedback tomarrow!

      • Thank you Ravi for the energetic and supportive words! I highly appreciate it
        I’m doing much better, I do appreciate this positive energy

  2. Never mind a low energy day,Hug! Its normal! It happens with everybody from time to time!

    You are God’s child and you will see tomarrow a day full of energy!
    Give me your feedback tomarrow!

  3. This is why I always say that I don’t want to have anything with all those people that have lower IQ then me, I just don’t want to hang around with ignorant people who spent their lives in a flock of sheep. I rather live my life alone, till the day I join the Death…

      • 10ks! I will need it, since I left my job and soon I will leave my residence in this Neo-Nazi Germany full of slaves and human emotionless machines, in an eternal quest for the meaning of my life, which consists of walking adventures with spiritual guides from the Higher Force, walking for thousands of miles till I find what I am looking for, my own destiny. In the last few years I had only one dream to unite two things that I love the most, walking adventurism and spiritual teachings. I hope I will find it before I leave this realm of pain…

      • 😕 sorry to hear so and wish you’ll reach your goals and the freedom you are seeking and spread the knowledge you have for a better world

      • 10ks! I tried to do my best here for the last two years, but know I see nothing will change here in the homeland of Nazis. I have to find my place under the sun somewhere else, in the land where I can be free…

      • You know your best better than anyone else so I hope you will find what you’re searching for
        Sometimes we need to leave so we can be in a better place

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