My Life

I feel sometimes that my life is like a treadmill, I run and run , I sweat, I get tired and tired…I may lose some weight but still I don’t get anywhere!

Written on March 3rd 2013



  1. yup resonates with me. now tell me looking back now how do you feel about this post now? since you have marked it with the date, I assume you wanted your future self to know this

  2. As i have to find that post now, which i thought, that you haven’t answered, if click on wrong one i will give a shot to read, about this post, sometimes i think the same way and i like your choice of the picture as well❤️

    • As if you needed to find it indeed 😕most of my writings used to be sad, I had fe happy moments in my life but I always try
      Hope this feeling will go progressively ❤️ appreciate you visiting my very old posts 🙏🏻❤️

      • I like to have a look how you started and when the progress happened and old posts have to get in to light, i was reposting few of my old posts, because they have no views, i changed the a bit and posted them and they got in to light, people read it and dropped their opinion, i believe, that your blog has been growing and now you have more readers, you should bring your old posts to the light❤️still looking for that post, but i can find it, but i have found few new ones, which i haven’t read🌈

      • I know I did the same about old posts, I re-published some with translation and other last day when I was a bit down having nothing to say
        But what I meant are not published writings, I don’t want to publish some very sad posts , anyway they’re all in Arabic
        But I might choose some eventually and translate and publish and I will review some old posts republish them as well so the new followers can read them
        Thank you for reading and for your kind appreciation and recommendations 🙏🏻😊❤️

      • Feels good to talk you, i hope one day you will come to Nice or at least to Paris so we can smash some faces around😁❤️

      • Same here 😁oh me in Nice or Paris? That will be something great!
        And I’ll definitely be arrested 😂 Some people deserve to smash their stupid faces here and there 😁❤️

      • In general i dont drink alcohol, but it doesn’t mean, that i dont have collection of wine and it doesn’t mean, that i can’t make an exception with the right person😁❤️

      • Ohh with wine?? Okay you convinced me 😁I’m a wine lover ! Especially france wine!
        I really hope so, it will be an honor ❤️ who knows where life takes us ❤️

      • There are some people in this community, which i really would like to meet one day, we never know what can happen in 5 years from now😊❤️

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