People claim

People claim: I want honest people in my life, I’m full of liars

But….when you are honest, they run away from you…

People claim: I need someone to care …I’m full of careless and cold people

But….when you care and spread warmth and tender….they feel scared and confused and send you to hell in the first opportunity

People claim: I need someone loyal and have integrity; I’m full of cheaters and manipulation

But….when you are loyal and ready to die for them….they take you for granted and look into the first eyes they meet…

People claim: I want to be treated in a special way; I want to feel unique and different than others

But….when you treat them like no other, and do all what it takes to make them special and unique…they don’t even notice and they become more and more arrogant.

People don’t need any from what they claim!

People just need to do what they want but with the people they choose even if it’s lying, cheating, manipulating or whatsoever …

And they won’t notice or even care about any honesty, care, love….if they are coming from the people they don’t want….

People that are claiming, just stop complaining….

You are choosing to be what you are; you are choosing to be with whom you are 

You are choosing the storm when there is a shelter

You are choosing the darkness when there is a light

You are choosing Hell when there are Angels surrounding you…

You are choosing!

So stop claiming and complaining  

Written in April 2007

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