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A Bird without Wings in the Big Jungle – 2/2

A Bird Without Wings In The Big Jungle – 1/2

Are These Blogging Habits Bothering You As Well?

Searching For A Homeland

Remember this the next time you envy someone!

Haiku – My First Attempt

I was chatting with my friend Nadine yesterday and she was explaining to me the “Haiku” so I thought that I can write many Haiku 😁 I have many random musings and why not right? Maybe it will not be 5-7-5 but hope you will enjoy it!This is Nadine’s post and it’s great! Check Nadine’s blog, it’s great and […]

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Real Neat Blog Award

I was nominated by Mel for a new Award “Real Neat Blog Award” . So I was like, then my post needs to be really neat right? 😁 😁 Mel is so creative and talented; you will find beautiful crafts and paintings, design and arts… You will enjoy her blog so much. Check this beautiful painting: And for […]

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The Soul’s Resignation!

Another very old Arabic writing that I decided to translate and publish. Most of my Arabic writings are actually sad, reflecting some period of my life. Please don’t wish me to get well, it was written long time ago. I did my best with the translation; I hope I gave it its proper right. Hope you will enjoy the misery […]

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Special Blogger Award

When I received this nomination, I was like “Oh look at this award name!” am I that special 😁 😁 My ego started to grow so I had to shoot it! 😂 I was nominated by Suni for this special award. 😁 Suni is a mother of a twin, she likes daily walks and Yoga, and she likes gardening and […]

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Touch Of Humor – Some Women

Disclaimer: This post is not attacking people with mental health problems, it’s a post about your decision to be a bitch or a narcissistic or else and ruin people’s life. And not addressed to all women just to this category. Women struggled to have their rights and when they did, well hormones ruled over for many of them!! So they […]

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Sunshine Blogger Award – 10th Nomination

The sunshine is back for the tenth time! Can you see me smiling? 😁 I was nominated by Nina for the Sunshine Blogger Award on June 5th but I somehow missed this post; I’m sorry Nina and thank you so much for this sweet nomination. 😊 Nina is blogging her tough life experience and her story of healing as […]

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A Magical Friendship Story!

During my entire life, I always sought friendship and friends, probably because I was away from home most of the times, I was always the popular even though I was very shy and everything makes me cry, but I had many friends and I was loved by people in general. Some people left, some changed, some were taken by life […]

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Imagine the Picture!

This was supposed to be a picture challenge but after I was nominated and I wrote a draft, I realized that I can’t take the challenge because same as I made many friends here, I also made many haters! But I decided to publish the story and you can imagine the picture I guess right? Even better because I hate […]

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3.2.1.Quote Me – Love

I was tagged by Hilary for 3.2.1 Quote me and the topic is “love” can it gets better? 😁 Hilary “Serene Luna blog” is a Canadian girl, wife and mother to a baby girl named Rebecca and she started blogging to get away from her addiction to the social media. Great decision I guess. Check her blog for more. […]

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سخّفتم حتى أحلامنا – You Ridiculed Even Our Dreams

October 15th 2012, my first post on WordPress. The time I was blogging alone thinking that this is even blogging! This post was written and published in 2010 in the Lebanese Newspaper Annahar (Nahar Ashahab), it’s a political article about our internal problems and issues, some days they are better and some days they are worse. So even if […]

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Facts vs. Perspectives

Nothing is annoying more than the people who think they are right and you are wrong! They don’t accept the other point of views and perspectives; moreover they fail to distinguish pure facts from perspectives, which is extremely annoying and immature and make their lives and other lives harder! How? I’m sure you know that many things are just perspectives; […]

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Borrow The Lyric Challenge

I was nominated by Nour to do the “Borrow the Lyric” Challenge. Something totally new. Nour is a very talented blogger, she writes deeply and in a very original way. She’s a reader and respect other’s content which is great. Check her blog for more. Thank you Nour for this original challenge 😊 Rules (as copied from the creator): You […]

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Busy Week

Hello dear readers and hope you are enjoying your weekend 😊 it’s been one week since I have published my last post (I know you didn’t notice 🙄), it was actually a very busy week, not the busy kind of 9-6 job which I already have or the kind that I have another life issues which they exist already or […]

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Randomness Award

I have received a nomination for a total new award “Randomness”. Let me tell you that I’m not a random person at all! Everything I do has a very good reason. And I love to be in control. I want to remind all of my fellow bloggers that I’m not accepting awards from anyone especially the people I already unfollowed […]

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