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A Bird without Wings in the Big Jungle – 2/2

A Bird Without Wings In The Big Jungle – 1/2

Are These Blogging Habits Bothering You As Well?

Searching For A Homeland

Remember this the next time you envy someone!

3.2.1 Quote Me – Attitude – Second Tag

I was tagged again by Betty11 ( for the “3.2.1 Quote Me” and the topic is “Attitude”. It’s my second nomination for this topic actually!  Betty likes to travel around the world so hopefully you’ll be able to one day. Check her blog to know more. Thank you again Betty for this nomination, I’m humbled 🙂 Rules: 3.2.1 Quote […]

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Can You Force Love?

It’s weird and hypocritical that people completely understand when you tell them you don’t like this kind of food, this color, this style, this taste…How you can’t stand certain scents as most people are for sure! You might be allergic and have intolerance as well to some food, drinks, scents…Water! Oh yes WATER “Aquagenic urticaria” can you imagine the disaster? […]

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3.2.1 Quote Me – Truth

I was tagged by Betty11 ( for the  3.2.1 quote me and the topic is “Truth” How great is that! 😁 Betty likes drawing, painting photography and reading. Check her blog to know more. Thank you Betty for this kind nomination 😊 Rules: 3.2.1 Quote Me! Thank the Selector Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day […]

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100 Posts Achievement

Yesterday after I published the Easter post, I received a notification saying Congratulations on writing 100 posts on WordPress! I was like wow! Not bad! Surely it’s the quality not the quantity but 100 posts is a great milestone and I always work hard to keep the quality as well! Thank you to all WordPress community for reading and for […]

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Happy Easter & Happy Holidays!

Here in Lebanon, we are celebrating this week the Catholic Easter, the Maronite and Catholic Church celebrate it the same (since the Maronites follow the Catholic Church). The Orthodox Church celebrate it the next week, there’s always one week between the two celebrations, and every few years we celebrate together (pure coincidence).They couldn’t unify it because there are lot of […]

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When Angels Cried!

Translated from the original Arabic version. It was written long time ago. Please don’t wish me to get better. Thank you 🙂 Prefix: Sometimes all we can do is cry, when we see the deep sadness of our loved ones and the extent of our inability…When we are incapable to even pray…to even get close… We are incapable to carry […]

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Behind The Blogger Book Tag

Okay firstly, I know you’re tired of these nominations, so I’m sorry in advance folks. I just believe in mutual respect and this is why I’m taking all these awards and not apologizing despite the tight time and hectic life (I have a full time job a and a hectic life for those who think I have nothing to do […]

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3.2.1 Quote Me – Attitude

I was nominated by Ribana for 3.2.1 quote me and the topic is “Attitude” Oh wow! Thank you dear Ribana for this nomination. I must dig deep to see what I still didn’t mention about you? Oh she makes a very delicious food and I’m always teased! Go ahead and check, don’t be such lazy now! Rules: 3.2.1 Quote Me!  […]

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Sunshine Blogger Award

I was really happy to receive another nomination! Oh wow, I’m really humbled!  I was nominated by Laura for the Sunshine Blogger Award, my first nomination for this award; I love the award name though 🙂 Laura Venturini: is a very strong woman that struggled with many difficulties and overcame them all, she’s a fighter, a smart-ass, a giver […]

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WordPress: Show Some Respect!

Dear fellow bloggers, WordPress is playing games since yesterday night! Just know that I have answered all your comments probably 4 times and I realized there is a problem when my comment was disappearing the moment I click send and not responded to. This is ridiculous really and not professional. I left comments on many posts today and I’m seeing […]

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The Versatile Blogger Award – Second Nomination

Some fellow blogger told me that I killed the awards and my answer was well they’re killing me with all these awards 😊😊 I’m so grateful to be nominated by Steve: “Steve Country’s blog” for the Versatile Blogger Award and it’s my second nomination for this award. “Steve Country’s blog”  is a very relaxing and beautiful blog, you will see […]

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The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

I was so happy and really humbled to receive another new nomination: “the Versatile Blogger Award” from “Ramyani Bhattacharya”: Tryst With Mind Ramyani is a very talented and kind blogger; writing is intrinsically embedded in her personality. She loves to pen down her thoughts and feelings. Without it, she would really lose her individuality as she’s describing on her blog. […]

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Mystery Blogger Award – Third Nomination

I’m really overwhelmed and humbled to receive the third nomination for the Mystery Blogger Award and the second from the same person: Ribana “popsiclesociety blog”. Ribana was born and raised in Romania. A very positive and honest person, she wishes to be a tourist forever, she lives currently in Singapore. Beautiful pictures, wisdom, fun and positivity, check her blog and […]

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Just A Simple And Big THANK YOU

Good afternoon, hope you’re doing well today. 🙂 For a change and since my latest posts sounded a bit tough to some of you, I wanted to just post a thank you post for all the fellow bloggers and loyal leaders. I’m glad I’m making a community here and I enjoy communicating with you, listening to you and learning from […]

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