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A Bird without Wings in the Big Jungle – 2/2

A Bird Without Wings In The Big Jungle – 1/2

Are These Blogging Habits Bothering You As Well?

Searching For A Homeland

Remember this the next time you envy someone!

Different Weekends Moments

Hello dear readers, hope you had some nice and relaxing weekend! Most of you find it hard to start the week after a long relaxation, we all struggle some days to just get up from bed, but after we do, all will be okay and it’s just another day so enjoy it!😊 I decided to just post some shots from […]

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Random Thoughts – Your Face

You face is what kept me running and running despite how tired I was, The mere thought of seeing your beautiful face at the end of the road relieved me and filled me with great energy! I kept running and running Despite the road has no end,My power had faded, and your face will always be an impossible dream! Thank […]

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