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A Bird without Wings in the Big Jungle – 2/2

A Bird Without Wings In The Big Jungle – 1/2

Are These Blogging Habits Bothering You As Well?

Searching For A Homeland

Remember this the next time you envy someone!

The Versatile Blogger Award – Fourth Nomination

Versatile as per Google is “adaptable” “flexible” and here at WordPress: The Versatile Blogger Award was created to celebrate blogs who have unique content, strong writing, and beautiful images or photographs. It’s great to be nominated by Ilona for this award and it’s great to know that I’m one of her favorite bloggers despite my harsh honesty sometimes, I was […]

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Raise your head!

How you will see the beauty if you’re looking down?How you will see clearly if you’re looking down?How you will see your beloved ones’ eyes, if you’re looking down? How you will know if they’re happy or sad, crying or shining? How you will notice these tender eyes gazing at you? How you will enjoy the sunset and sunrise beauty? […]

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Mystery Blogger Award – Fifth Nomination

Mystery Blogger Award is back! 😀 I was nominated by Toni for the Mystery Blogger Award, this is my fifth nomination. Toni is from the new fellow bloggers I’m following, she’s a retired RN of 38 years who has always moved to write. Check her blog for more:   Thank you so much for this kind nomination 😀 The […]

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Random Thoughts – Fake Society

I look at everything: the ads, the pictures, the quotes, the social media… And all I see is perfect people, rich people, fancy clothes and fancy restaurants! Perfect places, perfect friends, All are beautiful, all are happy I mean where the ordinary people are?? The people that look like us the people that actually do exist? Beauty is nice, perfection […]

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Age Is Not A Number!

When you encounter a person way younger than you, smart and seems perfect, and you start trying to convince yourself that age doesn’t matter, it’s just a number, for any kind of relationship: romantic, casual or friendship. Just remember yourself when you were 10 years younger and tell me how age is just a number? Tell me that ten years […]

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Touch Of Humor – Stupid Questions

Question # 1: That moment when someone calls you early in the morning and your voice sounds as if you’re swallowing some rat, and they ask you: “Are you sleeping?” Oh no! I’m just a part of some experimental study organized by Aliens; they are testing us for some future project for earth! And this study requires that you lay […]

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Sunshine Blogger Award – Fourth Nomination

Oh the Sun is shining again from this blog! 😀 I was nominated by Priya “Zealous Homo sapiens” ( for the Sunshine Blogger Award, it’s my 4th nomination for this award. Priya loves dancing, she lives in India, a Gemini and write beautiful poems and musings. Check her blog for more: The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer recognition for […]

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Touch Of Humor

My Everyday story: Every day I wake up with the intention to be nice, to smile to people and not lose my temper and become stressed, And then people happen! And then, some idiot breathes!Suddenly I switch from “Mother Teresa” to “Hulk”’ mode, Except I realize that I don’t have superpowers! So I just keep walking grumpy as fuck and […]

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Ramadan Kareem!

Today is the first day of the holy month of Ramadan. The month where the Muslims in the world fast for 30 days or a bit less, just before the Fitr celebration. Fitr= “Festival of Breaking the Fast”. They fast from the first light of dawn, before sunrise (Al fajr) until the sunset (Al Maghrib) (which is differs from country […]

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Versatile Blogger Award – Third Nomination

I was nominated by for the Versatile Blogger Award. I don’t know her name, I asked and she didn’t answer so she’s a girl, in her twenties, from India. She has profound interest in reading novels, watching sitcoms, dancing, experiencing gastronomy, exploring new stuff and procuring ‘Google gyan’ through endless surfing. Check her blog for more! Thank you so […]

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Sunshine Blogger Award – Third Nomination

Oh yes you guessed it 😊 another nomination! I was nominated by Betty11 ( for the Sunshine Blogger Award! It’s my third nomination. So kind of you Betty to nominate me so thank you so much,😊 I’m humbled. Betty likes tea, not a coffee person. She likes the blogs that tells the truth. Check her blog for more: The […]

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Is It A Happy Labor Day?!

We celebrate on May 1st from each year the Labor Day or “The Workers’ Day “as we call it in Lebanon: Eid El Oomal! Working is a healthy sign; a working person is usually or should be independent, active and full of energy. We always associate work with energy and success, as we associate laziness with doing nothing and failure, […]

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Sunshine Blogger Award – Second Nomination

I was nominated by Vijeth or blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award and it’s my second nomination only 😊 (just for haters outside). Vijeth kannan is an Engineer who believes that every experience is learning and each learner becomes a teacher who guides the human into the best place based on their travel in the world. Motivation, Science & […]

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