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A Bird without Wings in the Big Jungle – 2/2

A Bird Without Wings In The Big Jungle – 1/2

Are These Blogging Habits Bothering You As Well?

Searching For A Homeland

Remember this the next time you envy someone!

Happy New Year 2020

The number is appealing itself: 2020 😊I wish you all a very happy new year 2020! May it wipes all the pain and tears of 2019 and replace them with laughter, joy and lot of love and hope! 😊💕 2019 was a challenging year for Lebanon and for me personally, it was sometimes full of disappointments, losses, collapses and sometimes […]

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Different Weekends Moments

Hello dear readers, hope you had some nice and relaxing weekend! Most of you find it hard to start the week after a long relaxation, we all struggle some days to just get up from bed, but after we do, all will be okay and it’s just another day so enjoy it!😊 I decided to just post some shots from […]

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